The Voices Are Back!

It's awesome when your characters start talking to you again, but it's slightly annoying when it's after midnight, and you can't see anything to write on, so when you do eventually write it down (in the dark, cause, you know, wouldn't want to wake myself up any more than I already was), it looks like a five-year-old's handwriting.

So, yes, my June QQ is coming back to me.


We are now in Billings Montana, and will, Lord willing, reach our destination tomorrow. To celebrate, Christian and I asked mom and dad if we could rent The Battle of The Five Armies. They said yes! Now, I have to deal with Adobe Flashplayer not working.

Last night, The Desolation of Smaug was showing on TV.

Did we watch it? Yes. *nods* Yes, of course. And why shouldn't we? I'll not even mention the fact that we missed the first third, but oh well. It was only the second time for both of us to see it. We have a blueray dvd, but we only have one blueray player (in the living room), and none of the laptops can play that kind of disc, so it's very rare that we even have a chance to watch it at home.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, something got into our chicken coup. The results where two or three chickens shredded, and one duck missing. Dad thinks it was a possum, but those of us on the road think it sounds more like the work of a raccoon. But, to lighten the blow, somebody, I have no idea who, gave us two black silkie bantams. I was really glad it happened when dad was there, because, if mom or Lydia were to be the ones to discover the massacre, I can only imagine what their reactions would have been.

Dad bought a new lawnmower, since the old one got totaled [not my fault, I assure you. I have no head (head? I typed idea!) even how to work it.] (I don't know if that interested any of y'all, but hey, why not?).

Because it was a very short drive today (about an hour and a half), we got to sleep in, and explore a bit. We also stopped by at the battlefield of Little-Bighorn.

Before we checked in to the hotel, we made a quick detour to Cabela's. Grampa and I agreed it was probably a good thing Christian was wearing red, or else we would never have been able to find him every time he wandered off.

Dinner was good ol' Cracker Barrel.

We all skipped lunch, so dinner was around a Hobbit's tea time.

I forgot what it feels like to wear a hoodie and jeans all day in July. Okay, fine, it was in the 70's, but 70's for a Texan in summer is freezing.

Well, Christian in chomping at the bit to get the movie started, so, see ya later!



I was able to fix it, and we have just now finished watching it. Now, I'm far too excited to sleep. O.o


  1. Oh my goodness the characterideawritedownonapieceorpaperinthemiddleofthenightthing just happened to me last night! Haha! Sounds like a great trip!

    1. Wow, that's crazy!

      It is going well, I'm just down with a cough right now. Seems that my brother passed it on to me right as he was done with it.


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