Packing Party

Oh the joys of discerning which clothes to take on vacation.

Well, this trip it's pretty easy, no skirts, or dresses, or anything pink, whatsoever.

Oh wait. That's basically how I pack to go anywhere.

As the departure date for the Montana trip draws near, I have been reminded multiple times a few times to figure out what I'll wear to fish in. The boys' section of the thrift store is an awesome place to find t-shirts, as the ladies' section has no idea what a 'real' t-shirt, that isn't pink or purple, looks like. Christian scored it really big, and came home with a really comfy looking Captain America t-shirt.

I usually pack in a backpack, or duffle, so when I was told to pack in an actual suitcase, I had to think a minute, and try to remember the best way to go about doing so, especially since I won't be sharing it with anyone (people with big families = at least two people packing in one suitcase so everything will fit in the car).

Christian and I stayed up late last night packing up boots, flies, rods, reels, jackets, and sweatshirts. In all honesty, I was going to wait until tomorrow to start packing, but when I was wearing my last t-shirt, I decided I needed to do laundry, but didn't want to put anything away. So, yeah, I started packing today.

On account of a special request, made by Grampa, I made a bunch of biscookies (a recipe of my own invention, ja? It has the texture of a biscuit, but it's a cookie). Hopefully I'll be able to keep him from eating them all (33, I'm leaving 6 home, so that leaves 27) the first day.

Although I will be bringing the laptop (I have to have someplace to store the pictures from my camera), once we get up there, the only place with internet connection is the library, so I'll be off the grid, unless I convince Dad to let me spend a day or two out of the sun to catch up on blogging or school reading. We'll see.


PS. The game, Movie Quotes, is about to end! The answers will be posted tomorrow, but the time isn't out yet, you can still guess!

Editorial Note:

Tonight I actually re-packed in a duffle with Christian, that way, we'll have fewer bags to keep track of while we are at hotels.


  1. Ooh Montana fishing trip, lucky!! Sounds awesome!! Have fun!


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