The Ride Back

I announced that we were home, but I didn't say how we got back.

We flew (obviously) out of the tiny Great Falls airport (five gates, one store, one restaurant, one escalator going up, one going down, impossible to get lost) in a very small plane (it could seat about 40 people). It was only about an hour and a half flight, and very bumpy. I've decided I don't like small planes.

Getting off the plane in Denver, I forgot that the ceiling over the seats was not very high, so when I stood up, I banged my head, really loudly, on it. I heard a few "oohs"'s.

Finding out that our second flight was delayed by an hour and a half, we settled down for our almost three hour layover. It was nice. We got to have dinner and a snack, and watch an I Love Lucy. I also got the internet to work, so I read a few blogposts.

The second plane was beyond nice. I've flown a lot, and not all the planes I've been on have a bunch of legroom. This plane had a bunch of legroom. Even 6'2" Dad was comfortable. The plane was equipped with free wifi, and outlets between each seat. Each seat had a screen on the seat in front of it, so that passengers, if they chose to pay, could watch tv and movies.

Because the plane was so delayed, the captain authorized that everyone could have free tv and movies. It was so nice. Avengers: Age of Ultron was playing, so Christian and I watched until we landed, right in the middle of a major battle sequence. I MUST SEE THE REST OF IT!

After landing, we made our way to the baggage claim and waited a very long time until our bags came off, before being picked up by a family member and meeting Mom and Mia at a gas station.

Everyone was determined to stay awake so they could see us when we got back, and also surprise us with the rearranged upstairs. (My reaction with the upstairs: "WAHT!")

Lydia and I just got back from the library. I scored it big by finding both The Silmarillion, and The Unfinished Tales. I believe Lydia and I are going to watch Iron Man tonight.



  1. The Silmarillion? I am SO jealous!!!

    1. I heard from a little bird that it was supposed to be really good, so I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

  2. Love avengers 2!!!! Sounds like y'all had a great time!!


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