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I Dreamed a Dream in Time Gone By

(I couldn't resist)
Abigail has graciously awarded me the Infinity Dreams Award! Thanks so much dearie!

The Rules:
1. Thank and link to the blogger/s who nominated you (yup, done that)
Here is a link to Abigail's blog, Castles In The Air
2. Answer the 11 questions
3. Nominate/tag 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions
(wow, that's a lot, can we settle for three? I don't have very many people looking at my blog, as far as I can see)

The Questions:
1. Do you have a hero? (someone who has inspired you) Feel free to list more then one!

Well, of course, Jesus Christ.
Also, my Dad.
Can I do a fictional hero?
I'll take that as a 'yes', Samwise the Brave.
2. Books touch us all: which book or story has touched you in particular?
First and foremost, The Bible. 
Also, Shantelle's WIP, Silver Rose. (She has allowed me to read/give feedback before she releases it, thanks again!)
3. What was one of the most ridiculous things you have done in front of a stranger?

I don&#…

Tookish Tag

Thanks so much for tagging me, Deborah!

The rules:

Link back to the blogger who nominated you
Answer questions
Tag some of your own fellow Tolkienknights!

So, it begins.
1. How were you first introduced to LotR/TH and was it love at first sight/read?

Ooo! Story time!
Well, a very long time ago, I saw The Hobbit on one of the bookshelves around the house, later that day, I asked my mom what a 'hobbit' was, she said it was kind-of like a dwarf, and left it at that. 
Maybe a year or two later, Christian picked it up, and read it. He liked it okay, and went on to read the first few chapters of The Fellowship, but quickly dropped it. 
A few years later, mom took Lyda, Christian, and I to see Brave, we saw a preview for An Unexpected Journey, and Christian decided that he really wanted to see it. Lydia, mom, and I adamantly declared that we wanted to see nothing of the sort. Dad took Christian to see AUJ, and that was the end of that. 
But then, just at the beginning of 2014, I was e…

Father's Day, Birthdays, Hurricanes, Pirates, and Malware

Happy Father's Day (belated :/ . Once you read the entire post, you'll see why it's late)!

Let's just say that technology and I are not on the best of terms. The fact that I am even able to blog at the moment is just shy of a miracle.

Somehow, a virus called "Malware" completely infested my laptop. Thank goodness I have an aunt, an uncle, and a gramma who are knowledgeable in the world of tech. After examining pretty much everything on it, they concluded that there were only two choices; either take it in to the Apple Store to get in cleaned out, or revert it to factory settings. Being me, not wanting to spend a bunch of money, or drive an hour to get something fixed, I chose the latter. After downloading all the documents and pictures (at least an hour process), figuring out how to revert it, actually reverting it, waiting hours for it to finish 'computing' or whatever (over 15 of them), I was able to get it turned on.

It was much easier said than do…

Questions and Answers

To those of you who commented me questions in THIS POST, I now have answers!

Jubilee asked these:

1. Are you tall or short?
I'm about average, I have a tall dad, and a regular mom. About 5' 6.5" ish.
2. Girly girl or tomboy? A mix of both, but I lean more towards tomboy. If given the choice of either go to prom, or go fishing, hand me a pole! But if given the choice to go to a sleepover or camping, I'd probably take the sleepover.
3. Do you play any sports? I used to play basketball, but I wasn't that great. Sometimes I hit a tennis ball back and forth with Lydia and Christian at the school tennis courts.
4. Who is your favorite superhero? I've not really ever watched superhero movies, so I don't exactly know. Yes, I need to work on that one, so don't freak out.
5. What is your go to hairstyle? A plain and simple braid. My hair has a mind of it's own, and I prefer not to anger it.
6. Do you like to draw or paint? I like to draw horses on occasion, and I …

"Jurassic World" Review

I got to see this movie with some of my friends on Saturday afternoon.

Where to begin? Where to begin? (be prepared for fangirling, Lydia patiently put up with listened to my gushing hours after the movie was over. I haven't convinced her to watch it though.)


Ok, slightly on the scary side for me, but I still loved it. Ok, not all the deaths. There wasn't anything too gory, nobody was decapitated on screen, just a gulp and they're dead.

The acting though! It was perfection! It really looked and felt real. I tend to just watch movies and think "I wonder how many takes that took." Not so with this movie.

The music was epic,  and sets were amazing!

The CGI didn't look phony in the least. By the end of the movie, I was seriously contemplating if dinosaurs really were extinct.

In terms of romantic content, there was only one kiss. Which was good for me, because movies that center around romance aren't necessarily my cup of tea.

In terms of l…

"Monty Python and The Holy Grail" Review

After a very long time of seeing hilarious lines from this movie on Pinterest, we finally borrowed it from the library. Last night Lydia, Christian, and I watched it.

To be fair, the lines were still funny, and we found that a good deal of the movie was ok for our tastes, but to be brutally honest, we all disliked it immensely.

Some of our friends recommended the movie to us, but it was after we watched it that we discovered that they had only seen the good and funny parts of it.

We were not amused with the fighting scenes. There was only one of them that we were grossed out by, but still enjoyed because of the funniness. Yeah, it was the "tis but a scratch/flesh wound" one.

We did find the bridge scene quite funny, it's probably the one we quote most often out of the whole movie.

Also, the opening credits. Just. Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously? Makes me want to study credits more.

We did not like the french guard person thingy.

About 2/3 of the way through the movie, we pau…

The Road Has Come To An End

*Trumpets sound and Angels sing as confetti flies everywhere*

We survived! Without tearing each other to pieces! (In all honesty, we were all getting on everyone else's nerves.)

We started the day at 7:00 this morning, and were heading towards the Vicksburg national park by 8:15. Since we didn't have to check out of our hotel room, we left all the baggage at the hotel. Like an idiot, I left my camera there, so I didn't get any pictures of the park.

It was so pretty! Apparently, Illinois and Ohio sent a lot of soldiers to fight, as there were tons of monuments in their honor.

After seeing most of what there was to see, we headed back to load up the car one last time. Rather, I loaded up the car, while everyone else finished last minute bathroom breaks and turned in the room keys. I got to drive over the Mississippi river again. After my hour was up, we had arrived at the Duck Commander warehouse. Those of you who know what Duck Dynasty is, will know what I'm talking abo…

Guns, Guitars, Knives, and Babies

Today mom allowed us to sleep in until 8:00. Ava only stole the covers off of me about, oh say...three times. But her arm only crossed no-man's land once, so I consider that a record on her part.

We headed out of Alabama and into Mississippi to visit some friends in Tchula (pronounced "choolah"). We arrived around 2:00pm, just in time for a very belated lunch at our friend's house.

Now, a word about these friends: They are a family of 5, two parents, twin toddler girls, and one newborn son. The dad is a pastor of a small church, and has a stash of guns, guitars, and knives.

As soon as we finished lunch the knives were pulled out. Christian got his out of the car, and I pulled out my little penknife. We tested their sharpness on paper. Christian's needed a bit of sharpening, and I won't even begin to tell you how dull mine was, but it did take a very long time to get it decently sharp (I won't be getting a China-made knife again).

After the knives were suf…

Sisterhood Award

Miss Sadie of Buttermilk Sky has nominated yours truly for the Sisterhood Award! Thanks a bunch! First off, it appears that there are some rules to follow, so I should probably put those in here:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. (Check)
2. Put the Award logo on your blog. (In the process)

3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. (As soon as I find them)

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. (Will do)

5. Nominate ten blogs (Ten? We'll see)

So, it begins. Oh, look at that, I found the questions:

#1 Do you like county fairs?

I haven't really been to one, that I can remember. I think I would enjoy it though.

#2 Were you ever in some sort of club as a kid?

I was a part of Awana for a few years, but that's about it.
#3 What's one of the first movies you remember seeing?
Probably the old animated Cinderella, or Robin Hood, or The Jungle Book.
#4 Which would you rather do: hop in your old pickup truck and go for an unexpected adventur…

The Road Is Calling and I Must Away

The Hobbit fans, you know you sang that.

After a rather tearful farewell to our friends we departed from the Blair's house.

The drive was... pretty much the same as the drive to Virginia. Trees. Everywhere. Our first stop was at *drumroll please* Starbucks. Mom told everyone to beeline it for the restrooms as soon as we walked in, while she went to order her drink and get cups of water. She paid me back for treating everyone else the first time by allowing me to get some tea. Embarrassing side note: when I walked up to the counter the guy at the register said "Hey, what an I do for you?" with out hesitation, I immediately replied "Hi, I'm good. Oh wait, I'm sorry! I meant... could I please have a peach green tea lemonade?" The guy was super understanding and laughed it off, even though it was 10:45, too late to use the 'it's too early' excuse for whatever I said.

I fell asleep for maybe an hour at some point, and then continued to doze off a…

We Must Away Ere Break of Day

Ok, not that drastic, we're leaving no later than 9am tomorrow morning.

Despite the still gloomy weather, we toured Mount Vernon today. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is the house and property of the late former president, George Washington.

It was beautiful. I remember bits from the time we went when Ava was still a baby, not much had changed. I would have taken pictures, but apparently they have a no-photography policy in the house. Oh well.

After walking the grounds, or part of them at least, we stopped at the food court, and tried to find something decent to eat had lunch. After lunch, we wandered around a museum centered around GW's life. After all that, we stormed investigated one of the many gift shops. While we were there, a 'redcoat' made an appearance and played American songs on his fife for the enjoyment of the crowd.

We arrived back at the Blair's house sometime mid-afternoon and settled down for a bit before going to old town Ale…

The Breaking of The Fellowship

Dad and Lydia flew home this morning. The rest of us will be departing on Saturday, and will be arriving home on Wednesday. Lydia will check in with us every so often so that she can keep The Family Blog going about our trip.

Elsa must have followed us from Texas. We have experienced highs in the low 60's for the past few days. The nights sure have been cold, and we've had rain or sprinkles almost every day. There was a reason I brought my swimsuit. It's currently sunny and 80 something at home. Maybe the chicken coop will (finally!) dry out by the time we get home (trust me, it stinks in there, more than it should).

After a while of wandering around the house doing nothing, and just about dying from cabin fever hanging out, Mrs. Blair, and mom took all of the remaining kids bowling in Dale. I tied for second twice, and lost once. Then Christian played a whole game by himself, bowling for four. He's going to be sore.

I think we might be watching a movie tonight, with t…