Moving On (IMPORTANT- I hate to sound click-baity, but please read)

Yes, the title is what it looks like.

No, I am not leaving the blogging world, merely moving.

*points again to title* See, it doesn't say "Leaving Forever, I Hope I'm Missed."

But why the sudden change?

I feel like this blog has run its course and done its purpose. It was a good stepping off point and learning opportunity, and now I feel like I'm ready to move.

Looking back over everything I've written, I feel like I've settled and set the standard for what I want my blog to look like. I want to take everything I learned from Rustling Thoughts and start fresh again. But instead of completely overhauling this blog, I want to keep it and look back on it as it is without losing anything.

It's been rolling around in the back of my mind for a few weeks now, and I've finally sat down and done it.

I've made a lot of friends through Rustling Thoughts, even when it used to be The Shy Introvert. I improved my writing and proofreading abilities. I disco…

A Day In The Life Explained by GIFs- plus a few other tags / / / / (posting two days in a row, what's this?)

Or just embellished. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyways, one day (a very long time ago, I am so sorry) Marrok tagged me and I spent half of forever gathering up the gifs and shoving it to the backburner.

At first, I put it off because classes hadn't started yet, ergo it would be a very boring post.

Then I sort of forgot about it for a few weeks because I was getting back to the grind of classes.

Then I was emotionally out of whack (boy, job hunting can get tough, especially when nobody seems to need you. At least now I have my phone number memorized from filling out so many applications).

Then I got a job and was just trying to tread water and keep everything in order and make sure all the deadlines were met and get enough sleep so I wouldn't be crabby.
Then my classes ended and my job situation changed.

And then classes started again, and we left for vacation.

And now here I am, gradually writing up the intro. Like wow, I created the draft late January/early February. *resol…

August/September Recap- apparently blogging is on the back burner

It's been so long and I'm so sorry!

All excuses aside (though Clarence has turned into a huge jerk and will only on occasion wake up before I spend 10-15 minutes convincing him to work with me- thus using him does not happen as frequently as in the past), I should have at least posted an August recap before now.

In any case, here we are. Fall semester has started. My family has already left for our Maui trip (I am writing this up sitting on the bed listening to birds chatter outside while everyone else is down at the beach- I stayed up to work on a college assignment (which I did finish before typing all this up). Things are finally starting to cool down at home. But this is getting into the happenings and should not be in the intro, so.



1. We had Christian's team come back through and spend the night a week before they would all be home.

2. Christian came home.

3. Just out of high school (from the last recap) came up to visit for a few days and went to …

May/June/July Recap

I'm braindead for an interesting title, so this will have to suffice.

*slowly resurfaces*

Hello, yes. I am alive and well, thank you for noticing. Oh boy. Three months' worth to recap, and all busy!
I was just going to keep it at May/June, but decided that it would just be way easier as I remember things to also add July.
1. This actually bridged the end up April and the beginning of May, but I didn't put it in the April Recap because I didn't get it fixed until May. But anyways. My hours at Rosegate were significantly reduced due to finances and the fact that their stable hand could do the work they needed me to do, so there was really no need for me except on Saturdays. I am a college student. I have expenses, but not a whole lot of money to make sure those expenses are taken care of. Moving from three days a week to just one was not going to work for me. They did give me a week notice, so I was able to work through various connections and see if anyone need…

Proof that I have not gone and died

Look how long that post is already, and I have only covered two days of two weeks!