The Flock

Dad finally decided that it would be ok to get an incubator and try hatching out some chicks this spring. Well, actually, Mom wanted it to be a project for the younger three because they were studying birds for science.

However, somehow along the way it morphed into my project. Which I am just fine with, I've been wanting to rebuild my flock since that ill-fated morning of the dog massacre. I say the flock is mine, because I've been the one taking care of them. Dad just provides the finances and facility. I take care of them morning and night. I go and retrieve the food. I collect the eggs. I clean everything out. I make the decisions about how I take care of them. The only real requirement is that they all stay in the pasture.

But anyways.

I've got fourteen chicken eggs and one duck egg in the incubator, and when I candled them a couple days ago, they all seemed to be thriving.

Of course, if they all end up hatching and surviving the first few weeks or month, we will not…

March Recap: Music and Rogue One

Better late than never, I suppose. 
Well actually, I would probably have just combined it into a huge monster of a post (as if they aren't already) with April.


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February Recap- how the Lord used a donkey to get me a job

*coughcough* totally has this clickbait thing down.


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Two years.

I find it hard to believe I've stuck it out this long.
Like, every time I try to start a chronicle of my life, it only lasts a few months, maybe a year.
Yet here we are.
Another year done.
Wow, this is starting to sound sad.
*scratches head* How'm I supposed to celebrate this anyways?

Confetti, I guess.

And I suppose I could get Gandalf to blast off some fireworks.

But seriously though! I'm so happy with the way this blog of mine is working out!

I'm so incredibly grateful for the friends I've met and made through blogging (we will figure out a way to meet up, I promise!).

You have made me step out and find my voice.
You have encouraged me and put up with my cringey first attempts at blogging and writing.
In general, I feel like I've stepped out of my comfort zone and become a more lively person because of blogging.

Like, oh my goodness. This is fantastic!

Here's to anoth…

January Recap: Nostalgia. Nostalgia Everywhere.

Ah, January. The first month of the year.

*totally did not almost write '2014' on one of my assignments, shhh*


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