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It's been a year

On this day, February 22, of last year, I published my first blogpost. Anybody know where the time went? Because I'm pretty sure I did this yesterday. The night before, while Mom and I were driving home (I think from church), I asked her the important question: "Can I start a blog?"

She asked me why, and I gave her the reasons I had been coming up with since a few weeks before: improve my writing skills, share some of my photography, talk about life, etc.

I was all excited about trying something new. I had done my research, so to speak, and I knew what I wanted to use this blog for.

I jumped in, headfirst, and plowed through actually making the blog. I had fun trying out all the gadgets, and ended up spending several hours writing my first post. And so, The Shy Introvert.

After many, many changes, now you see the finished product; perfect for now, in my eyes, but who knows if and when I'll do a compete overhaul on the design, or if I'll do another name change.

The beacons are lit, Chloe calls for aid!

Wherein Chloe is a tad bit frustrated with the progress of "The Exile and the Songbird."

Once upon a time, I had the brilliant idea to smash together "Robin Hood" and "Sleeping Beauty." I was very excited about it, even went so far as to sign up for NaNoWriMo just so I would have the extra motivation to write it.

NaNo came and went, and I was still under 10K words. Not so bad, considering this was my first ever big story, first ever NaNo, first ever a lot of things.

I had so many ideas for how I wanted the story to go, the only problem was that the majority of the scathingly brilliant ideas where to take place in the middle/end of the story, thus I had to write all the boring parts first.

I know you're thinking "eh, whatever, that's just a part of writing." And I know that is true, but I got bored (I guess?) so I unleashed sarcasm upon all the characters in order to keep myself entertained.

Here's the issue though: *pause for dramat…