On The Road; Thus Far

It is now day two of our drive to Montana. Despite the fact that I got a good seven and a half hours of sleep last night (I was not about to interrupt the hop-scotch tournament going on directly above us), and slept off and on throughout the day, I am still tired. :/

The first day, that would be Wednesday, we had a very short 4-5 hour drive up to Oklahoma to see the National Cowboy Museum. It was very interesting, but no photography was allowed. After another 30-45 minute drive, we arrived at our hotel, drove around town in search of dinner, went back to the hotel to check in and look up restaurant options (my job).

I was able to pull up the top recommendations on the internet, and found that the reviews for the restaurant we were originally planning to go to, mostly were complaints about the cleanliness (the lack there-of) and the service. Appalled that we were even thinking about going there, Thinking "surely there must be something better than that," I found an Italian place a little ways away, and we settled on that.

Everyone was pretty much wiped out by the time we finished eating, so we didn't bother looking around town, and went straight back to the hotel. We tried to go to bed at a reasonable time, but there must have been a hop-scotch tournament, or something, above us, so some of us (me) didn't fall asleep until almost eleven.

My day started with Grampa opening the door and saying, very loudly, "Hey, Chloe, we're leaving in five minutes!" I must have sat up really fast with a terrified look on my face, because he laughed. Later, he promised not to scare me like that again, but instead, to give me a ten-minute-warning.

The landscape was pretty boring, so I slept a lot. Plus, I wasn't feeling that great, don't know why, just wasn't feeling top-notch. I know that we passed through Kansas, and are now in Nebraska. We'll make it to Casper, Wyoming, tomorrow.

And that concludes the adventure thus far.



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