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Quote Tag Day #3

Wow, two posts in one day. Aren't we feeling lucky?

Those were my favorite lines from Attack of the Clones.
Happy June!

Monthly recap: May

I've seen this done throughout the blogosphere, and thought "why not? It looks like a fun way to tie everything up." Hence, this post.

Stats, and other news from the blog:

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Me again

Hi, yes.

So, I know I already said I'd see y'all tomorrow (in the post I posted like 5 seconds ago), but I had a thought:

Should I change my blog look?

It's been a couple months since I changed the header, and it was last year that I changed the background to wood.

I'm not really thinking a header change, more of a complete over-haul.

What say you? Complete over-haul? Or just a touch up, maybe a new header and background?

Quote Tag day #2

I need something funny.
Mission accomplished.
See y'all tomorrow!

Because I like to group multiple tags into one post

(Note: I find that many of my posts consist of tags, and though I don't dislike tags [they can be quite entertaining], I would like to cut down on them in the future as they are essentially filler posts. From now on, I'll be a bit more selective.)

Thank you to all the lovely people who have tagged me over the past month!

Liebster, Laura
1. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
2. Nominate other bloggers (up to 11) and give them 11 questions to answer.

1. Would you rather live forever, or die tomorrow? That's a tough one. If I live forever, I could share the gospel with so many people, but never get to go to Heaven unless I was killed (there's a morbid thought). If I die tomorrow, I would go to Heaven (there are no downsides). (there's another thing about me; I like to weigh the costs and benefits to practically everything)
2. Best compliment you've ever received?  Someone told me I was pretty. (Thanks Mom!)
Another random…

*excited squeals* *hyperventilating seal sounds*

Lydia: "Either something's wrong with the chickens, or Christian's doing something crazy."

Everyone else: "Nothing's wrong, just whatever."

A few minutes later.

Christian: "Guys! Guys, come here! Guys, come on!"

Everyone: "What?!"

Christian: "Grey has chicks!"

YES! We have chicks now! XD

And they are so cute and fuzzy and adorable!

A couple weeks ago, the aforementioned Grey (who is a grey chicken. I know, so original) had gone missing. We didn't find a body or feathers scattered everywhere, so we just assumed she had gone off on her own.

Maybe a week later, she reappeared for a couple hours before leaving again.

The only logical reason that I could think of for her strange behaviour was that she was broody. However, she had only just started laying eggs maybe two months before, so she was still pretty young. Try as we might, no matter how hard we searched, we could not find her hideout.

Last week she came out again fo…

Driving the tank, also, the week Chloe didn't eat

(Note: I am not complaining, I just found my experiences to be mildly humorous)

Wednesday started with the car I drive not starting. Wednesday was also the day I needed to take Gabe and Mia to gymnastics, go to work for a few hours, and also drive Christian to driver's ed. May I also mention this was all on six hours of sleep and a less-than-tasty cup of coffee? Also that it was on the second day of only six hours of sleep? (probably not my best decision, however, there were thunder and lightning storms both nights)

So I got to drive the family suv (which I hadn't driven in well over four months). It was a huge change from the civic I normally get to drive where I'm practically sitting on the road. (also parking that thing! It's like parking the Millennium Falcon for the first time)

Dad and Christian were able to jump the civic, and drive it around the neighborhood while I was gone.

Gymnastics is 11:30-12:30, I was supposed to go to work at 1:30. We only lived about 25…

Beautiful People: May

I've seen several of these, and thought, "hey, why not?" (actually, that's how a lot of my posts are materializing right now. Funny, that.)
Beautiful people is a tool for writers to essentially get to know their characters better. Each month ten new questions are posted at the links provided in the above picture. 
Anyone can join at any time, and you needn't feel obligated to do it every month.
I'm going to do Reiyna, a character from my camp NaNo project, "The Inventor's Daughter," a Beauty and the Beast retelling. (Pinterest board)

And, because I feel like it, I'll let her answer the questions herself.

1. How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger? Well, since I run a coffee shop, I have to smile at my customers. It's an unwritten law of good service. 
Given the corrupt society of Jukuvar, it isn't safe to just smile at a stranger while on the street. In fact, it can be quite dangerous!
2. What is the cruelest thing they’v…

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, a la Chloe

But first, let me give you the backstory of my cookie baking career.
Maybe four years ago, I decided that I wanted to make cookies. Mom helped me choose which cookbook to find a recipe from, and explained a few things before leaving me in the kitchen surrounded with ingredients. I decided upon an oatmeal chocolate chip recipe, followed it to a T, and everyone enjoyed it.
For a while, I followed the recipe exactly, until, one fateful day, we ran out of one of the ingredients. Mom quickly thought of a solution, and from then on, my recipe-tweaking days began.
One time, we were on vacation, and Mom had specifically asked me to print out the recipe so that I could make cookies. Unfortunately, that was the one thing I forgot to pack. So, I had to figure it out from memory and general deduction. Success! The cookies turned out fine.
Over the past year at least, I've not followed any recipe, and only one batch was dubbed a flop. While it was still edible, only a few people seemed to enjo…

Quote Tag, day 3

Good Sunday!

As Sunday is the third and final day of the marvelous quote tag, today I decided to post a Bible verse (actually, I decided that on Friday, but whatever).

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged/nominated you- thanks Abigayle! (Also, I'm pretty sure this is a rule for most every tag in existence, if you know of a tag where that isn't a rule, I'd love to know about it)
2. Nominate/tag three new bloggers every day.
3. Post a new quote every day for three consecutive days.
The tag-ees: Jacqueline (or, She is Modest) KB Schollenberger Abigail
Have fun with it y'all!

(side note: I get to ride again today, and I'm so happy!)