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So, yesterday I woke up to tapping on my window.  It was an ice storm. In Texas. In February. It's supposed to be spring! 
Because we don't often get snow, or any cold white substance in winter, of course we went out to play in it. But, only after school, cuz homeschoolers don't get snow days. It's funny, the week before, I had put away my winter coat, after only wearing it once or twice. In the attic. So, I drag out my coat. And an old pair of snow pants that might have reached mid-shin. I'll spare you the details. 

It was hilarious watching Coal play.

And, of course, I had to take more professional photos. Feedback? 

I am so amazed by God's creation.
Gi channon, nuir thiad gîn ell (Thank you, ever is your presence a joy)

P.S. Is it a good thing for your hands to turn blue?


Hi there!
Welcome to my little blog.

I'm Chloe, The Shy Introvert.
I'm very new at this, so bear with me. 
Here goes!
First of all, and most importantly, I am a Christian. I am constantly reminded that I am not perfect, but I'm ok with that. I know that I am just the way God created me to be.

I'm VERY shy. It's not even funny. 
I'm 16 (I have absolutely no idea why they call it "sweet").
I'm home-schooled, and I love it! Seriously, why doesn't every one home-school? We're not crazy, I promise. Different, yes, but not crazy.
I'm the second-born of six (yes, I said six) kids. I may pick on them from time to time, but if you tease, fight, or are mean to any one of them... You get the idea, right? I love them all very much.
As a family, we all love going to the beach. I won't say where though, because of reasons. Sorry about that.
I like photography. I'm not very good yet, but hey, practice makes perfect, and your feedback will be…