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NaNo starts tomorrow!


*deep breaths*

So to distract myself, I'll talk about my project. *sarcasm*

Thank goodness I don't have to come up with questions to answer, Cait has already done that for me.

(clip from her post, link on her name above)

Just like every year, we’re giving our monthly link up “Beautiful People” a small rest so we can focus on “Beautiful Books”. (You can see last year’s Stage 1Stage 2, and Stage 3linkups.) Sky and I host Beautiful Books so we can focus on  our NaNoWriMo projects. The format is the same as Beautiful People. We’ll post 10 questions to answer about your WiP — aka your beautiful book.  Answer the questions in a blog post of your own and then come back here to link up!

Ze fabulous questions:
What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea? Last October I was trying to get to sleep, but then it hit me: "Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty! Why is that not a combo I haven't heard of?" Hence: The Songbird…


In honor of my 150th post, here's this:

Monthly recap: October

A little early, but then, I've never been one to follow a strict schedule.

1. Lydia turned 19!
2. I started baking cinnamon rolls and selling them because frankly, I do not have a lot of money.
3. I applied to a couple different Mardels and Hobby Lobby, so hopefully I can land a part time job.
4. We finally finished working on the rent house and got the renters (a family from church) moved in. (YAY)
5. I hit the halfway point of my college classes. My total grades are still averaged in the 90's, fingers crossed they stay that way (thus far, I have a perfect GPA and I'm trying to keep it as long as I can). (ALSO YAY)
6. I started looking at cars so I can figure out roughly how much I need to save. The civic is nice, yes, but it's not always reliable and you're practically sitting on the road when you're driving. Only one of the rear doors opens, and only from the inside. It does have pretty good fuel efficiency, but the tank capacity is only so…

Sunday brunch

Since I was eight years old, almost without fail we've had pancakes every Sunday.

When we moved to where we are now, somebody suggested that Dad trying making hashbrowns.

Then when our chickens finally started laying enough, I started frying the eggs for whoever wanted them.

For past year or two, Dad has also been cooking vegetables (usually mushrooms, squash, onions, and maybe a few brussel sprouts) to go with the rest of the meal.

So forget about calling it brunch, it's a feast. And all the smells drift up to my room.

Best Sunday tradition ever!

What do y'all do on Sundays? Any special traditions your family do?

Eating words

So you know that thing when you say you will absolutely never, ever like/do *insert whatever it is here*?

But then a couple weeks/months/years later, you like/do *insert thing*?

Kinda awkward to admit it, am I right?

Early 2015 to my co-op classmates: "I don't dance, really, I don't like it."


Exhibit A:

I know the basic swing-dance steps, and by that, I know the in-between step, a twirl, and the guy's part of a weird something or other. (Lydia wanted to try it, so I had to learn the guy's part because Christian had no idea what he  was doing)

I also know all these dances:

Last year to Mom: "Country music is just a bunch of people whining about their problems to a tune in a fake southern accent."



Exhibit B:

I've decided that there's a little more substance to country music.
Do y'all like to dance? What about country music? Any recommendations? 


In August, I mentioned that Lydia went to a thing called Summit.

"Why are you bringing it up?"

Because it is quite possible that I'll be going next year! *squeal*

"What is it even?"

Summit is basically a student conference to teach a biblical worldview. It's two weeks long, and they have locations in California, Tennessee, and Colorado.

Here are the dates for Colorado:

"Ok, but really. Why are you telling me this?"

Because, I'm curious to see if any of y'all would want to go.

Lydia went as part of her graduation gift and came back with a glowing report, I expressed interest, and now Mom and Dad are thinking that I'll get to go, and Christian might get the opportunity as well.

And so y'all know, it was actually Mom's idea that I tell y'all this. She and I both think it would be pretty awesome if I could meet some of y'all, and what better way to do it than at a Christian Worldview conference?

Because of college things, …

Answering y'all's questions

A little over a week ago, I had trouble falling asleep (it was 1:30 when I posted the blogpost, but I didn't fall asleep until around 3:30 in the morning. Talk about the timezone messing up one's body clock O.o) and decided to ask y'all to ask me questions.

So now that I'm relatively back to normal, schedule-wise (yesterday was a doozy!), I'm going to answer the questions.

O.O Wow that's like really brave though normally when people do something like this I normally say something like 'ARE YOU A UNICORN' XP

*cracks up* Why yes, I'd love to go around stabbing things with my forehead. XD

Lover of Lembas:
What was the first book you ever read that really changed you?
Probably the Bible.
What candy bar would you be if you were one? *thinks* I haven't actually had that many candy bars in my life, so let's go with dark chocolate.
If you could choose, would you rather be the eldest, youngest, or middle-est sibling of your family? Ok, so I have…

NaNo Prep

After much thought, I've decided to try NaNoWriMo again this year. Some of you remember that I participated last year, but didn't finish.

After doing both camps this year, and still not finishing, I had been contemplating skipping NaNo this year. School is completely different from last year, I may be working part-time, and I definitely will be baking to earn extra money. So I may not have much in the way of free time, but I've found that I can actually get more done when I'm busy.

So yes, despite all the excuses I could use I'm doing NaNoWriMo.

I'm going to re-write the story I worked on last year. 1, because I now know (loosely) what I want the series to look like. 2, because what I had been writing was in no way going to work with the rest of the series. 3, because I have a bunch of new ideas for it. 4, because, let's face it, the first draft looks like a bunch of sarcasm and low-quality storytelling- it truly is awful.

It's even got a new title! In…

Ask me

Because I'm sort-of at loss of what to post at the moment (that might have something to do with the fact that it's 1:30 in the morning), I'm going to let you ask me questions.

They can be about me, my family, stuff about where I live (just not the exact location), upcoming events, writing- pretty much anything (just no math questions, please!).

How am I even awake right now?

Because it's only 8:30ish, Sunday evening in Maui, but it's early Monday morning in Texas. I'm still used to Maui time. Usually the second and third nights back are the hardest to go to sleep at a time when regular humans normally turn in. Hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep before midnight tomorrow.

Anyways, go wild! I'll have fun answering your questions soon!