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May/June/July Recap

I'm braindead for an interesting title, so this will have to suffice.

*slowly resurfaces*

Hello, yes. I am alive and well, thank you for noticing. Oh boy. Three months' worth to recap, and all busy!
I was just going to keep it at May/June, but decided that it would just be way easier as I remember things to also add July.
1. This actually bridged the end up April and the beginning of May, but I didn't put it in the April Recap because I didn't get it fixed until May. But anyways. My hours at Rosegate were significantly reduced due to finances and the fact that their stable hand could do the work they needed me to do, so there was really no need for me except on Saturdays. I am a college student. I have expenses, but not a whole lot of money to make sure those expenses are taken care of. Moving from three days a week to just one was not going to work for me. They did give me a week notice, so I was able to work through various connections and see if anyone need…

Proof that I have not gone and died

Look how long that post is already, and I have only covered two days of two weeks!

April Recap

*Gets the recap out on time*


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The Flock

Dad finally decided that it would be ok to get an incubator and try hatching out some chicks this spring. Well, actually, Mom wanted it to be a project for the younger three because they were studying birds for science.

However, somehow along the way it morphed into my project. Which I am just fine with, I've been wanting to rebuild my flock since that ill-fated morning of the dog massacre. I say the flock is mine, because I've been the one taking care of them. Dad just provides the finances and facility. I take care of them morning and night. I go and retrieve the food. I collect the eggs. I clean everything out. I make the decisions about how I take care of them. The only real requirement is that they all stay in the pasture.

But anyways.

I've got fourteen chicken eggs and one duck egg in the incubator, and when I candled them a couple days ago, they all seemed to be thriving.

Of course, if they all end up hatching and surviving the first few weeks or month, we will not…

March Recap: Music and Rogue One

Better late than never, I suppose. 
Well actually, I would probably have just combined it into a huge monster of a post (as if they aren't already) with April.


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