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Monthly recap: August

August is already over? What even!?

*cough* Actually August was one of my slower months as you can see from the huge number of blog posts I did the lack thereof. Like seriously, two posts!?

I have an excuse! (sort of)

I did find a bunch of new music and I almost drowned when my online classes started (needless to say, to my shame, math was quickly pushed to the backburner. Gotta work on not doing that, I know).

Also, I've been drooling over the beach webcam. Mom and I are flying over on Monday, and the rest of the fam will join us on the 7th. Aunt Cendei is coming with us this time! She's gone with us two other times, but skipped last year.

Stats and other bloggy news:

138 posts (counting this one)
33 followers through Google (if you're following by email I have no idea how to keep track of you)
176 views is the record for one post
51 views is the highest for one post this month
24,958 pageviews all time

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Guess what? I'm really terrible at this. Fake it till you make it, right?

Ok. Wednesday and Thursday.

Christian and I helped out at Aunt Cendei's place. Here's pretty much what you can expect during a typical work day there.

It usually starts the day before when she either asks in person or via text if you can come work the next day.

Sometimes she'll say to just come when you can for however long you can, but on Wednesday and Thursday, she texted us when she wanted us to come over- about 9 in the morning. She didn't have us come earlier because she was picking up Joe (one of Christian's friends from church) to work as well. Sometimes one or both of his older sisters will come work too. If you come early enough, she'll either take you to breakfast, or pick up breakfast for you, even if you've already had breakfast at home (who wouldn't want second breakfast, especially if first breakfast was oatmeal?) it won't be fancy, probably McDonald's o…


Sorry for that unofficial hiatus. That was not planned at all, but I've been super busy finishing my first semester of college!

This morning I sent off my final assignment!

I sent my last Fed Gov assignment in last night because it was due one minute before midnight and I didn't even start it until four in the afternoon because sometimes I have procrastination problems, a five-page "What I Learned" paper, and got my final grade today, 93.03%!

Thus far, I've made all A's in my classes, so I'm super happy about that.

The "What I Learned" paper started out difficult (how am I supposed to make half a page of info stretch over five pages?), and I really wanted to make it creative because the professor was most likely to read several papers that all sounded the same and I wanted to make sure mine wasn't in that category.

So I got down the mandatory "this was my first ever online class, I learned a lot but I'll stretch it out fo…