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A post dedicated to photography....

...and a few other things.

You may have noticed my new set up. I didn't really like my other one, so yeah, I changed it. (I was also experimenting so that I would know what to do in case my sister asked me how to change anything on her blog, HERE) I may continue to change things around, so don't freak out if something moves, it's not you, it's me.

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been working on some other things, and this hasn't been top priority. I do have several posts already waiting to be posted, I'm just waiting for the go-ahead from my mom, she has to approve whatever I post before I post it.

Ok, in the title I said this would be for photography, so I guess I should put some pictures in here...

I love golden light!!! It just looks so magical and special.

To me, this looks kind-of like dragon fire! ^
A girl from Church has a similar camera, so she was able to give me some helpful tips. 
The weather is finally getting a bit more predictable …

March Quote Queste: Too Early

Ok, so this is my Quote Queste entry, or whatever you call it. It's a bit late, but hey, it's still March. Quote Queste was started by Miss Melody Muffin

The rules for the game can be found HERE
The prompt for this month: "It's too early in the day for killing princes."

The story:

“Why are we doing this again?” “Because we were paid to. Besides, we need money to eat and we need to eat to live.” “Just checking.” 

Riyana crouched down in the alleyway, her little sister, Akinya beside her.

“What time is it?” “I do not know. How many times must I tell you that I am not a clock, Akinya?” “Whatever time it is, it is too early in the day for killing princes.” “When we get paid to do a job, we do not get to decide what time it gets done. Come, we must go.” 

Riyana slowly crept out of the city, Akinya followed. The castle stood up on a hill, surrounded by a wall. The sky in the East was still dark. Good, we still have plenty of time. She wove her way around boulders and smal…

Texas Weather

Me: "Texas! What are you doing? It's supposed to be spring."
Texas: "I'm just putting all of winter in one week, don't you understand, I'm trying to make you suffer less!"
Me: "It's not working. The roads are terrible. If you don't melt all this snow, I won't be able to get where I need to go."
Texas: "I do what I want."
Me: "Pretty please?"
Texas: "I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request; and the physical appearance of the please does nothing to sway me."
Me: "Oh come on! I have things to do and places to be."
Texas: "Too bad, you'll just have to wait until I clear up the roads."
Me: "And when will that be?"
Texas: "...."
Me: "You hesitated."
Texas: "Aren't you happy that you might not have to go to your school co-op today?"
Me: "That would be a bonus, but, you still have not answered my question."
Texas: "…

Snow, Wisdom Teeth, and the Following Days

Sorry, this is a very belated post, but here goes!
Feb. 25, 2015, Wednesday So a few days ago, we had an ice storm. Today, we got snow. It's almost March! Yeah, I'm one of those excitable Texans, who gets ecstatic when white stuff falls from the sky.

Hahahahaha! "My hand!" Sorry, listening to Bob Smiley right now. (You should check him out, awesome Christian comedian.)

The ice was so pretty on the trees and fences.
One of my friends once said, in regards to our crazy weather: "welcome to Texas, if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes." "How true is this?" you might ask. It is now 52 degrees outside, and the only snow left is a thin strip around the house. And now there's a lake in our front yard...

Then there's our cat, who has no idea how to sleep like a cat. But he's cute anyway. 

Oh! I just remembered, this is my last day to have all my teeth. Tomorrow, I get my Wisdom teeth out. The ones on the bottom are coming …