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Catching up

Warning: this is going to be an incredibly long post, so you may want to come back to it later.

*cracks knuckles*

Alright, let's do this!


On January 21st, Mary tagged me for the Blogging About Blogs tag.

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you. (thanks dearie!)
2. Answer the questions.
3. Tag some blogging friends.

The Questions:

1) Blog that makes me laugh:
Cait at Paper Fury has a hilarious blog. I almost always end up making rather unladylike snorts whilst trying to keep the giggles at bay. 
Also, Treskie at Occasional Randomness,  Jack at However improbable , and Writefury always manage to brighten my day when I'm feeling down.

2) Blog that makes me think:
Just one? Are you kidding me? No way, I'm so bending this rule (I'll probably end up bending all of them)

Kara  at Coffee With KaraAmanda at Scattered Journal PagesChristine  at Musings of an ElfScott at Encounter. Encourage. Engage. , and the list goes on...
3) Blog that teaches me things:
I'd have to…


So, uhhh...

We ended up coming home from the tournament way earlier than intended. In fact, we were back home again the day we left, last Thursday.

Story time:

Thursday dawned bright and clear; a beautiful day for a car trip to Tyler, Texas. This time, Ava was tagging along with us, so she could watch, and see what a tournament was like, since it is possible that she will be competing next year.

We were taking the family truck/suv type-thingy, so we all had plenty of room. Ava had mentioned to Mom that she didn't want to sit in the back all by herself; 1, because there is about 6-8 inches of legroom, 2, because you can't hear what going on up front as well, and 3, who knows (?).

So, I chivalrously claimed the entire back row (all three seats people!) all for myself. 1, so I could stretch out my legs in a reclining position across them, 2, so I could sleep in a much more comfortable position than I could have in my usual seat, 3, because I didn't want half of my legroom to…

Life, among other things

When was the last time I posted even? *checks the archives* January first. 
*slaps forehead* Good gravy! I promised to have snippets posted, questions answered, and the last time I did Movie Quotes was in October!
That was not how I planned to start the post, but oh well, this thing has pretty much flown out the window, and there is no bringing it back now.
What a rather awkward situation to be in.
Anyways, if you've been hanging around the family blog (you can find the link in the Sometimes I hang out here page), you've probably been hearing about this new thing we've been doing as a family called "Cize". 
The first routine was fun; lots of moving around and eight energetic dance steps. We all loved it, and even invited a friend over to do it with us. 
The second routine, which we started yesterday, was clearly more advanced. Not everyone had the easiest time catching on, since there wasn't as much repetition as the first one, and there were only two moves …

I should be asleep right now

Yes, I'm still alive, yes I am fully aware of how long it's been since I've last posted, yes I know that this is being posted at an absurd hour when most sensible people have the blankets pulled up to their noses and are fast asleep. Oh, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

To get y'all up to speed:

Christmas was amazing, though I wasn't as excited as I was last year, and only listened to Christmas music a couple of times, and did not decorate my room.

We celebrated several days before Christmas with Mom's parents, then celebrated with Dad's side on the 23rd. Christmas day I was awakened at 7:30 by the younger three, almost decided to sleep till 8, but quickly realized that that action would be frowned upon. When Lydia and Christian fimally decided to join everyone else down stairs, we opened stockings and one present each. Then we all had breakfast (cinnamon rolls with eggs) before gathering back into the livingroom to open the rest of the gifts one at a t…