Snippets Of Story

To post, or not post? I'm usually very protective about my works in progress.

Ha! I even told Lydia once, "It's my baby... But I want to kill it!"

I run home at a fast pace, quickly losing Brec and Favik. I slow to a walk when I reach our hut. I search under my cot for my sword, disregarding Greyla’s calls to care for the livestock, bring in another pail of water, and would you please quiet the dog? I grasp the cool metal hilt, and pull my sword out into the light. -The Lost Kingdom


Amarth. The fae who gave me this ‘gift’ was notorious for doling out charmingly horrendous curses. Charming for her sense of humor, but horrendous for the receiver. I’ve tried to find her, but she is strangely elusive unless… unless what? I don’t even know. -Now They Whisper (my June QQ that decided leave me stranded)


“There is a reason her name means Doom. That is why you are here. All through your life we have been watching and studying you. You have a fighter’s heart, even when the curse rears its ugly head, you still battle it. Though we cannot find Amarth, we can teach you to deal out blows to the curse. We believe that when you have succeeded in the fight, and Amarth makes her appearance, The Truth will set you free.” -Now They Whisper

I'm gonna post it...



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