Apparently my sunglasses can fly

Christian and I were on our way home from our college class (about a mile or two away from the campus) when we got rear-ended.


It was the middle of the afternoon one glorious day in July. Christian and I had just gotten out of our college class, we had even managed to get a really nice parking spot right by the door and mostly in the shade so the steering wheel wouldn't as hot as a stove when we left (an event that happened far too frequently, as my poor fingers can attest to).

We had been on the road home for a minute or two when I realized that the car behind us was a large pick-up truck. Definitely a diesel. Hey, don't worry. He probably won't tailgate you, just go the speed limit and don't make him mad.

Light No.1: he stopped behind us no issue. Green light. Ok, maybe he's not the tailgating type.

We stopped at another light. There was one car in front of us. Light turned green. I started a little slower than normal. Now, as far as we can figure, the truck must've been far enough back that he didn't ever have to stop for that red light. He must've seen the green light and stayed going the speed limit (45 mph) without a thought about the cars who had been stopped five seconds earlier. I'd like to think he was applying the brake when...

*BANG* *jolt*

Ok. Ok. You're ok.

Christian: "Just pull into the gas station. Don't freak out. You're ok."

We were in the center lane.

Blinker on. Started to change lanes directly after the light. About half-way over.


Pick-up truck swerves into the lane we were moving into, passes us, and narrowly misses scraping the entire right side of the car.

I turned in to the gas station parking lot. "DAGNABBIT!" (First time saying that. I promise I don't normally say things like that.)


Christian: "Don't lose your head. It's ok. Just park the car, I'll call Dad." (He was also trying not to yell at the driver.)

I put the car into park and started shaking. Christian (whose neck was rather sore) got to do the honors of calling Dad.

The impact was hard enough for my sunglasses, which were over my glasses so they weren't just held on by my ears and nose, to sprout wings and try to fly to safety (i.e. they were knocked onto my lap). Also, the sunroof shade (?) opened by a couple inches.

Christian explained what happened to Dad, and I asked that somebody come drive us home. Dad got it sorted out with the insurance company, but he told us we needed to call the police as well. So Christian got to call 911 for the first time.

Mom was already on her way to Denton to pick up Gabe from gymnastics, but she was able to divert her course to get to us instead. Lydia was sent to pick up Gabe.

The police officer came pretty quickly (no sirens though, which I was perfectly fine with). Christian did a good job explaining the situation to him, then we waited for Mom to arrive.

She came 15-20 minutes later, then we went inside the gas station to talk, because it was definitely in the 90's outside. He had Christian and I fill out witness statements. I hope they are able to read my handwriting, it was rather shaky.

Because there were no traffic cameras, there isn't really any way they can track down the person who hit us, but that's probably for the best anyway.

I wasn't so much scared or sad (well I was, but not a whole lot), I was more upset at the driver (road rage. It's a thing y'all). Christian helped me stay in good humor. We were even able to joke about it this evening.

Of course Mom insisted that we visit the chiropractor (the same one who we've used since Christian was a baby) to get adjustments. I have vivid memories of being little and flipping out whenever he cracked my neck. I also remember a time when I thought everything was funny, so I would laugh hysterically when he cracked my neck. Good times.

I was the one who was on deck to make dinner, but since we didn't get home until around 5:30, Ava and Mia (with some instruction from Lydia) made dinner instead.

We are all so so so thankful that it wasn't worse.

Kinda funny, the last time we had a civic Dad got rear-ended in it and it was totaled.

I'm telling ya, best way to get out of making a meal.

Then we all watched an old movie and had ice cream.

How was your Wednesday?
Are any of you taking college classes?
If so, which ones?
What kind of car do you drive?


  1. Well, at least it ended in ice cream, right?

  2. Oh no, that's too bad. That truck driver really should have owned up to his actions! What kind of driver rear-ends someone and just drives away? Tut, tut.
    Well I'm glad you and your brother were alright and I hope the police can resolve the problem with the other driver.

    1. Tut tut indeed! I'm just glad that I don't have any lasting soreness.

  3. Wow, that sounds scary. All's well that ends well, but BRO SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT HE DID (in this case, Bro is the truck driver). I'm glad that no one was hurt badly or anything. :)

    1. I understand your use of Bro, I call other cars "Dude" all the time! :)
      Yes, and yes!

  4. Oh dear! Wow! So glad you're both alright. I would have been shaking too! :O What old movie, may I ask?

    My Wed. was good. I sat through a 2hr health class online. That was interesting. :)

    As of right now, I'm not driving a car or taking college courses. I'm a bit behind in school and studying the driver's manual. :/

    God bless! <3

    1. "Tammy and the Doctor" it was ok, but probably not my favorite.

      Ugh, yes. I remember taking a health course, but it was a book, and took me weeks to finish.

      Good luck learning how to drive!

  5. This is why I don't want to drive.


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