Hand, Foot, and Mouth

And so, the epidemic begins.

Somehow, a family in our church caught hand, foot, and mouth disease, and have since passed it on to us.

Both Gabe and Mia have it, and it is only a matter of time before all the kids have it, or we are all healthy again.

Lydia has not been exposed...yet. So that's good. But she can't eat with us. Her and my room is supposedly a 'safe zone', so none of the kids are allowed in there, except, of course, me, because I sleep in there.

Mom made a run for food before we were quarantined, and Lydia checked out a few books and movies from the itty bitty library.

While everyone else watched the original Swiss Family Robinson, Christian and I watched Captain America (review to come).

Hopefully we will be back to normal soon.



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