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Touring The Air and Space Museum

Quick game, find R2-D2!

(Hint: he is not blue and white, he has camouflaged himself.)

Ok, did you find him? If not, go back now and look! Only study the next photo if you have found him, or truly cannot find him.

On Saturday, I think it was, the Linns Blairs and Derricks went to the Air and Space museum to see the exhibits. We had been before, when Ava was a baby, but now everyone is older, and will remember it better, hopefully.

It was a lot fuller than I remembered, but still very interesting. I got lots and lots of pictures. I really should dedicate a post to just all the pics I got during the trip. That is an idea. Maybe even three or four posts. I'll probably do that. Be prepared, they will come after the trip ends.

Alrighty. So that's a little catchup post. If you want to know what we did today, you can check out the family blog post HERE.

Over and out!

Ask Away!

One of my followers, she shall remain un-named, has requested an "ask me anything" post.

This is it! It you have any questions, please ask them, but do try to remember that I retain the right to discard questions if I feel they are too nosey.

If I do not answer your questions, take heart dear friend! I may have several posts dedicated to answering the asked questions.

I know I must sound terribly formal. It is because, for some very odd reason, I feel inclined to use such vocabulary. In all seriousness, I am trying not to laugh as I type these symbols into the cyber world.

I shall limit the timespan of questioning to June 14.

The most important thing to remember is this; have fun, and ask away!

Without further ado, I leave you to your questioning.


Settled At Last

After four days of very stretched-out driving (4-7 hours each day) we have all arrived safely at our destination- a friend's house close to DC.

Today was spent on a tour of some places in the vicinity. It was...very informative. Don't get me wrong it was interesting. I love tours and seeing new places, but after driving for four days, more driving was just, yeah. Especially since we needed to leave the house no later than 6am so we could meet the tour early at 7, which was already meeting at 7:30 before leaving at 8. We were all glad mom had scheduled extra time to find a place to park.

The following pictures came from the tour.

Home Is Behind- The World Ahead

the rest of the family flew into Nashville this morning, so mom left early to pick them up at the airport while the rest of us finished packing up and making sandwiches.

We left around the usual time; 9:30ish. The trees were quite lovely along the highway, but the drive was still long. After lunch I settled down, as well as I could in a full car, and took a nap for a few hours while the others read and visited. We lasted until the last two hours before breaking out the dvd players and watching parts of Sense and Sensibility.

After unloading the car, in honor of our arrival in Virginia, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Now us kids are settled down in the girls' hotel room (unfortunately, I don't think the hotel would allow eight people to sleep in a hotel room meant for four) watching Prince Caspian while Lydia and I catch up on blog posts and other computer related activities.

An Expected Journey

May 25, 2015

We have been planning to go to D.C. for several months, and now we are underway! At least, 5/8 of the family are. Dad, Gabe, and Mia were able to get a good flight deal, so they will be meeting us in Nashville, TN.

We left the house around 9:30(ish) this morning. I drove the first hour, until we made a pit stop at Starbucks. I had several gift-cards, and I thought one of them was almost empty, so I handed it to mom, and headed to the ladies room. Apparently, I had close to $15 on it, enough to treat everyone else, and still have a bit left over. Huh. I wonder how that happened?

Anyways, we left, with mom in the driver's seat. We lasted about another hour and a half, or so, before pulling off at a truck stop by the side of the highway. There were several trucks already there, so we thought that it was a good spot. We decided we could hold on a bit longer when we found out that the only bathrooms available were portable toilets (none too clean).

We found a gas station, …

Soooo.... We're Flooded

The back of our property, anyway. All this rain we've been getting is really really really helping to rehydrate our property from the drought, but the mud is terrible. Dad took five of us down to see how much water there was.

The water was over my knees in most places, so about two feet deep. I really wanted to splash around barefoot, but I had a camera in my pocket, and dad said I couldn't take off my boots. 

I mean, camera battery! What was I thinking? I don't run on batteries.
Before Christian took the above picture, I felt something tickle my leg. Those who were watching

May Quote Queste: Not A Hero

Is it really May?

Another QQ!

Rules are found HERE. If you want to join up, go for it! The Prompt: "We're just kids, we aren't supposed to be heroes."  (Ooooo! *cackles gleefully* I can't wait!)
Not A Hero:

"We can't do this, we're only kids. We can't be heroes, it's not possible!" Enrîck's voice pierced the silent darkness. "Shush! Correction, not probable, and at the age of nine, you are a 'kid', I am old enough to not classified be as a 'kid' anymore. Now, we must to get her to safety. The back-up will be close at hand by know, and we can't afford to miss them." I whispered back at him. 

I'm Visna Sydetîr, and I was charged to look aftertakecare ofkeep track of erm...find the crown princess, Yevna Ryter, of Byslin. 
She was a small thing, Princess Yevna was, always precise and to the point. And, she talked. Her whiplash tongue made up for her small stature. At least, it did. That was before The…

I Wasn't As Scared As I Thought I Would Be

Well, I can check off 'kill another snake' from the list of things I have done and never hope to to again.

The Story:
Christian had just helped me take eggs we had just candled back to our silkie, when he discovered a snake in the barnyard. Luckily, it was not in the coop. 
He yelled that there was a snake, and to stay put (I was down by the coop). He got a shovel, and somehow managed to get the snake into the barn. He must have been having a bit of trouble, because he called me for back-up. 
So, I ran to get a hoe, and helped him hack at it. The conversation went something like this: Christian: "I need help, get a hoe!" Me: "Fine, I'm coming." Christian: "Ok, hack him." Me: *whacks the snake* "Die, you evil thing!" Christian: "Ok, let me hit him. *hits the snake* Ok, your turn." Me: "Die! Die! Die! It takes a lot to kill the devil." Christian: "Ok, I think he's dead now. Go get your camera, and take a pi…

An Interesting Experience

I can cross off 'mow a lawn' from the list of things I've never done before. I can also cross off 'get stuck in a tree,' and, 'kill a snake.'

The story:

My friend (we call her Aunt Cendei in our family) needed help with some mowing on her property. Seeing as Lydia was NOT going to do it, and Christian was going to be away somewhere else, I was the natural choice. So, this morning, at 11:00ish I learned the ins and outs of controlling a riding mower, for the first time.

In all honesty, I was doing great, until that tree got in the way.

I had been mowing for about an hour, when I decided that an area under a tree needed to be cut. Being confident of my abilities as an expert mower, I quickly went forward... and jerked to a stop.

I had completely forgotten that there was a u-shaped arch of metal, taller than me, behind my seat. If it had not been there, I could have easily scooted under the branch. But it was there, and it did not fit under the tree.

So, I was…

The End....Of The Mind Game

Lydia and I were slightly bored, so we wrote this short dialogue together. The 'L' signifies which parts she wrote, and the 'C' is what I wrote.

L. Another month and still no reply. 
C. I texted her a year ago. 
L. I’m tired of the silence, tired of the emptiness inside, tired of waiting, tired of the nothingness of it all. 

C. “Ba-bing!” My phone made a sound, bringing me out of my stupor. 

L. “I DIED” it read. 

C. “You’re messaging me, someone you don’t even really know, who sent you a text a year ago saying ‘hey’, that you died?” I wrote back.

L. *Ping* “I DIED” came through again. “Seriously?” I thought, exasperated. 

C. “Fine, we’ll play it your way.” “I DIED” I wrote back. 

L. “Great! Where are you?” 

C. “Excusem moi?”

L. “I don’t speak Greek.” 

C. “That’s French (I think) and you obviously don’t speak that either. Where were we supposed to meet again?”

L. “Don’t you remember? The place we met the first time, in your mind.”

C. “Please shed some light as to where that was. My m…

10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag

Miss Olivia has graciously tagged me for the (see title^) tag. Thanks again! :D

All you have to do is list your ten favorite movie/tv characters, expound on them, and then tag ten bloggers.

This'll be difficult, I have so many favorites, so I'll just do ten of them. Let the fun begin!

*these are all listed in no particular order, just because one character is higher up in the list does not mean I like him/her better than any other character.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean

Who wouldn't like him? His sense of humor and hilarious reasoning is hard to beat.

2. Éowyn from Lord of The Rings

I wasn't too sure about her when I first read the books, but after seeing the movie, I was blown away with how much she put up with. I wasn't too happy when she went into battle, but her scene with the Witch King of Angmar was pretty awesome.

3. Sully from Dr. Quinn

He's... *sighs and racks brain for a description* he's just him. There aren't any words …

A Very Non-tag

Miss Lily, over at Lily in His Field, came up with this sweet 'non-tag'. It is free to all those who wish to accept. So, being me, I did.

Here goes!

1. Spring or Fall?

Well, I live in Texas, so spring is our 'wet and mud season'. I don't like wet, and mud and I don't get along. Spring is also when all the snakes start coming out again, whereas in fall, they're leaving. I'll go with fall.

2. Waterparks or Beaches?

I'm a beach girl through and through, but I'm not opposed to going to a waterpark.

3. Dream car?

I suppose something practical that gets good milage.

4. An event you're looking forward to?

The day when Jesus returns.

5. Marvel or DC comics?

I've never actually read either of them, and I've only ever watched Batman Begins *ducks head*. So I can't say which. I've heard that Marvel is more on the funny side, whereas DC has more of a dark side.

6. Coffee or tea?

Tea! On occasion I'll drink coffee, but I definitely prefer t…

I'm Still Alive!

I've been on the road for three days now, and have fallen behind on blog posts. A whole slew of them are coming, this is just a forewarning. See y'all in the next post!

Keep a weather eye on the horizon.