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January Recap: Nostalgia. Nostalgia Everywhere.

Ah, January. The first month of the year.

*totally did not almost write '2014' on one of my assignments, shhh*


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The Long-awaited Snippet and NaNo Post

Contrary to popular belief, no I have not fallen off the face of the earth into oblivion. Life just happened.


Many of y'all know that I participated in NaNoWriMo (for those who don't know: National Novel Writing Month) last November.

Although I did not finish, I still had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I started at midnight, November 1st, with several other blogger friends all grouped on a google hangout. The goal that day was to write 5k words. I barely squeaked by, but felt very productive. Though, many others wrote more than me.

Then you know, life. School. Family. Thanksgiving. I fell behind. Lowered my personal goal to 25k. still only just made it past 15k. I wasn't happy with myself for not completing a full 50k for the second year. BUT, I was very pleased that I had written more than I ever had in one month.

But y'all are here for snippets, aren't you? No? Then leave. Or scroll down until you see a bunch of screenshots or something.

Here we …

The Snippet Tag

*cough cough* 
*emerges from hiding*
I have a treat for you! Snippets! 

(And don't worry, this is not the snippet post I have been promising ever since NaNo ended. Like, sheesh. That would have been a letdown. Anywho...)
Sare tagged me a while back. Ever since NaNo it's been making the rounds through the blogging community, and I had been interested in it. But I am a polite pirate and refuse to steal a tag unless it's a really good one that I haven't seen very much.
And we all know the drill. Answer the questions, then select a couple fabulous bloggers to carry it on.
1. Share your most gripping, fascinating, and hooking first line of a story. 

Hold up. Line? Only one line? *ditches that*
Dust and ash. Cloud. The stench of burnt-ness hovered in the stuffy air. Red was the horizon. Darkness everywhere else.             A Queen sat on her throne. A creaky kind of crackly laugh ushered from her throat. Her eyes were watery, her hair long, loose, and dirty. Filth lined the cr…

December recap (yes, I'm fully aware that I'm late, but here ya go regardless)

Wherein Chloe resurfaces from an unofficial hiatus.

So December hit me so hard and so fast, that I don't remember even half of it. Unlike normal, I was not able to write this up throughout the month, so it'll be a little rough this time.

Stats (basically just pageviews now):

But lemme say this real quick. I hit over 30,000 pageviews!


1. Christmas. Obviously.

2. Mom took all of us, plus Nana, out ice skating. Mia has definitely improved since last year's trying-to-walk-on-the-ice-in-the-skates-instead-of-glide. Gabe had a bunch of fun zipping around and wiping out. Ava is cautiously going out into the middle more. Christian is pretty much the same as Gabe, except not falling as much. I can go pretty fast, but I like to stay close the the rail, but even then I fell twice. Lydia is still trying to figure out how to skate backwards. And Mom and Nana stayed off the ice completely, drinking hot chocolate and talking and sharing feelings.

3. I pretty much drowned in cinn…