Home Sweet Home

Ok, so we didn't actually arrive home until about 12:15-20am, so technically we travelled home over the course of two days, but anyways. We're home, and there was a surprise for us.

Somehow, while we were gone, Mom managed (with a great deal of help) to re-arrange the entire upstairs, paint a room, and get somebody to add a wall so we could have a total of five bedrooms upstairs. I know. I'm still in shock. And this was all with a sick kid, and Lydia working for a great portion of the day out of the house.

I thought I was going to be asleep by now, but I'm way to hyped up and excited. I have my own room back!

There's still a lot to do, I have a bunch of stuff to go though, I have laundry to do, I have a bathroom to clean, I have a closet to organize... Yeah.

Oh! I just remembered, I have a tag to do as well.

So. Many. Things. To. Do.




  1. Home! I think home's the nicest word there is. (Little house reference, anybody?)

  2. Welcome home!! Wow, that's a lot to get done! Shoutout to your mom!! :)

  3. Welcome back!!!:D Oh, wow! That's amazing! A whole new bedroom?! Yay happies :D

    1. Thanks a bunch!

      I know, and they did such a good job keeping the secret too! We had talked about adding a wall so that we could have 5 bedrooms, but that was like, three years ago. I had know idea that they would actually go through with it.



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