Touring The Air and Space Museum

Quick game, find R2-D2!

(Hint: he is not blue and white, he has camouflaged himself.)

Ok, did you find him? If not, go back now and look! Only study the next photo if you have found him, or truly cannot find him.

There he is!

On Saturday, I think it was, the Linns Blairs and Derricks went to the Air and Space museum to see the exhibits. We had been before, when Ava was a baby, but now everyone is older, and will remember it better, hopefully.

It was a lot fuller than I remembered, but still very interesting. I got lots and lots of pictures. I really should dedicate a post to just all the pics I got during the trip. That is an idea. Maybe even three or four posts. I'll probably do that. Be prepared, they will come after the trip ends.

Alrighty. So that's a little catchup post. If you want to know what we did today, you can check out the family blog post HERE.

Over and out!


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