Home Is Behind- The World Ahead

the rest of the family flew into Nashville this morning, so mom left early to pick them up at the airport while the rest of us finished packing up and making sandwiches.

We left around the usual time; 9:30ish. The trees were quite lovely along the highway, but the drive was still long. After lunch I settled down, as well as I could in a full car, and took a nap for a few hours while the others read and visited. We lasted until the last two hours before breaking out the dvd players and watching parts of Sense and Sensibility.

After unloading the car, in honor of our arrival in Virginia, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Now us kids are settled down in the girls' hotel room (unfortunately, I don't think the hotel would allow eight people to sleep in a hotel room meant for four) watching Prince Caspian while Lydia and I catch up on blog posts and other computer related activities.


  1. Wow! sounds like y'all are having fun ;) I am Aspen's sister,( Texas Rebel Girl) and I am home-schooled, introverted, horse rider, country lover and saved by our loving Lord. You'll be seeing me around!

  2. P.S. my horse is Brego the one you commented about ;)


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