May Quote Queste: Not A Hero

Is it really May?


Another QQ!

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The Prompt: "We're just kids, we aren't supposed to be heroes." 
(Ooooo! *cackles gleefully* I can't wait!)

Not A Hero:

"We can't do this, we're only kids. We can't be heroes, it's not possible!" Enrîck's voice pierced the silent darkness. "Shush! Correction, not probable, and at the age of nine, you are a 'kid', I am old enough to not classified be as a 'kid' anymore. Now, we must to get her to safety. The back-up will be close at hand by know, and we can't afford to miss them." I whispered back at him. 

I'm Visna Sydetîr, and I was charged to look after take care of keep track of erm...find the crown princess, Yevna Ryter, of Byslin. 

She was a small thing, Princess Yevna was, always precise and to the point. And, she talked. Her whiplash tongue made up for her small stature. At least, it did. That was before The Riders came. 

Now, I'm just repeating what I was told, or what I overheard. The Riders that I am referring to are, of course, the fierce dragon war-lords from Malentîr, the kingdom just over the snowy mountain peaks to the southwest of Byslin. They came without warning, with no announcement or motive, burning and killing till they reached the capitol city, Sivyel. That is when they did it. 

Knowing that the king and queen doted on their only child and daughter, the one to whom the kingdom would rely upon when they were gone, The Riders took her. They demanded that the king exchange Byslin for the princess, or die. 

The king asked for time to think about their offer, or threat, to be more accurate. Pleased that the kingdom would be so easily won, The Riders agreed. The king knew that The Riders would stop at nothing to secure Byslin, so it was useless to offer them gold or silver. His only option was to hand over the kingdom. Or so The Riders thought.

That is where I come in.

Because I was the princess' maid (ish) I knew all of her quirks, habits, and fears. Because I was not fully grown, still but a girl, I could easily slip through the enemy lines without being noticed. That is, I would have been able to, if I hadn’t been teamed up with nine-year-old Enrîck Lestron, the stable boy. 

Yes. I know, it's cheesy. So cheesy, I don't know if I'll finish it or not.



  1. Oooh, neat!! Is this the beginning of a longer story or just a random scene?

    1. I haven't quite decided yet.

      I started out thinking it would work perfectly with another story I've been working on, but the way it is written wouldn't work now.

      I could make it a completely different story, but I don't really like the way the plot was going. Pretty much after I wrote the last sentence the characters stopped talking to me. If they come back, I may continue it.



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