Settled At Last

After four days of very stretched-out driving (4-7 hours each day) we have all arrived safely at our destination- a friend's house close to DC.

Today was spent on a tour of some places in the vicinity. It was...very informative. Don't get me wrong it was interesting. I love tours and seeing new places, but after driving for four days, more driving was just, yeah. Especially since we needed to leave the house no later than 6am so we could meet the tour early at 7, which was already meeting at 7:30 before leaving at 8. We were all glad mom had scheduled extra time to find a place to park.

The following pictures came from the tour.

Before leaving the parking lot, I told everyone to 'do something cute'

Hmmm, not bad, considering I couldn't see what I was doing.

This is a replica of the statue on top of the Capital Building.

Ordinarily, the white thingy would not be there, but the whole dome was being renovated, so it was for our protection.

Looks kinda like a beehive.

I'm sure you all know what this is, and yes, I edited it.

Jefferson Memorial.

The Pentagon! My Grandfather used to work there.

I can't remember how to spell (or pronounce) the name of this monument, but I think it was my favorite out of all the ones we visited.

I found this license plate on a bus...

Lincoln Memorial.

Washington Monument.
We all had a bunch of fun, and I'm sure that we will all sleep very well tonight. Maybe even catch up a bit as we have all only gotten about 7 hours of sleep in a row over the last couple of nights.

I have a good reason though, read THIS POST to find out why I didn't sleep much.

I need a Texan phrase for a farewell this time:

See y'all later!



  1. Aww that looks so fun!!! I bet y'all had a great time but it sure is nice to be home. :D

  2. What was your favorite part?? Also I think it would be awesome if you did an Ask Me Anything post where your readers go crazy with questions! That would be so fun!!

    1. Riding in the bus was super fun, probably because it was a double-decker with open air on top. Also, seeing all the monuments was pretty awesome. I had seen pictures on the internet, but in person is so much better.

      That is an idea, consider it done!



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