I Wasn't As Scared As I Thought I Would Be

Well, I can check off 'kill another snake' from the list of things I have done and never hope to to again.

The Story:

Christian had just helped me take eggs we had just candled back to our silkie, when he discovered a snake in the barnyard. Luckily, it was not in the coop. 

He yelled that there was a snake, and to stay put (I was down by the coop). He got a shovel, and somehow managed to get the snake into the barn. He must have been having a bit of trouble, because he called me for back-up. 

So, I ran to get a hoe, and helped him hack at it. The conversation went something like this: Christian: "I need help, get a hoe!" Me: "Fine, I'm coming." Christian: "Ok, hack him." Me: *whacks the snake* "Die, you evil thing!" Christian: "Ok, let me hit him. *hits the snake* Ok, your turn." Me: "Die! Die! Die! It takes a lot to kill the devil." Christian: "Ok, I think he's dead now. Go get your camera, and take a picture."

So I did. And here they are:

The mighty hunter.
I am ashamed to say, that as a Texan I have absolutely no idea what kind of snake this was... is... will be(?).

After we had successfully killed it, we went to tell the family. This was all right before dinner. Some of them braced up and went to have a look (as a family, we all hate snakes, and are terrified of them, some more than others). 

Then, someone had the brilliant idea to ask if Christian could cut it open. Mom had no objections, so he got Lydia's dissection kit from last school year, and started the process. 

Now that the snake was dead, I wasn't as hesitant around it, so I filmed the entire process. The video is uploading to YouTube as I write. When the video decides to go on, I will provide the link, so that, those of you who want to, may watch it.

It was so weird. The snake simply refused to lie still. When we found the heart, we discovered that it was still beating, and it continued to beat, even after Christian took it out of the body. Now I know how Davy Jones' heart still worked. -_-



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