Soooo.... We're Flooded

The back of our property, anyway. All this rain we've been getting is really really really helping to rehydrate our property from the drought, but the mud is terrible. Dad took five of us down to see how much water there was.

The water was over my knees in most places, so about two feet deep. I really wanted to splash around barefoot, but I had a camera in my pocket, and dad said I couldn't take off my boots. 

The water was so COLD, but after a few minutes, it felt great, especially on all the bug bites I got on the way down! Silly Chloe, she forgot to put bug spray on again.

This used to be a gravel road.... Now it looks kinda like a section of Hobbiton.

The water came up over our boot tops!

He made it to the other side! Our portion of creek is just beyond that tangle of trees.

This. One. Looks. So. Good! The lighting was perfect for taking pictures.


I am so happy with the way this one came out!

"Y'all have fun, I'll just wait here."

Mental note: make sure the littles remember not to wear shorts the next time we go down, due to the large patches of poison ivy EVERYWHERE (I'm pretty sure I'm immune to it, I've been all over it before, and not gotten it yet. Lucky  for me).

A few months ago, this was a 20ft deep ditch of dust. A few of us have even walked in it.

Now, both Christian and I are standing shin-deep in water. I've never seen it that full before.

I wanted Christian to take a full-length picture, so that y'all could have a better perspective of how deep the water actually was, but my battery died before I could convey that info to him.

I mean, camera battery! What was I thinking? I don't run on batteries.

Before Christian took the above picture, I felt something tickle my leg. Those who were watching said I gave a rather unladylike screech, and a splash to the side. I agree with their claims. It could have been either a fish, a snake, or a frog. I'm really hoping it was just a frog.

Because this post already has pictures, I may as well upload a few more....

These came from a few days ago, the lighting was so much better in person. The sky was a greenish-yellow.

Later that night, the tree this was taken under snapped and blew up to the house!



  1. Great pictures! That is a TON of water!!!! Crazy! I hope your house is ok. Great pictures from the other day too! The sky is so pretty. :)

    1. Our house is definitely built on the solid rock, the hill is a 100ft drop on the back of our property, so we should be fine, thanks! We keep telling ourselves, "you know that song, 'the sun'll come out tomorrow'? We can't sing that today."

      It was so much better in person *asks why can't cameras make an exact copy of anything*!


    2. Oops! Wrong account!



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