10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag

Miss Olivia has graciously tagged me for the (see title^) tag. Thanks again! :D

All you have to do is list your ten favorite movie/tv characters, expound on them, and then tag ten bloggers.

This'll be difficult, I have so many favorites, so I'll just do ten of them. Let the fun begin!

*these are all listed in no particular order, just because one character is higher up in the list does not mean I like him/her better than any other character.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean

Who wouldn't like him? His sense of humor and hilarious reasoning is hard to beat.

2. Éowyn from Lord of The Rings

I wasn't too sure about her when I first read the books, but after seeing the movie, I was blown away with how much she put up with. I wasn't too happy when she went into battle, but her scene with the Witch King of Angmar was pretty awesome.

3. Sully from Dr. Quinn

He's... *sighs and racks brain for a description* he's just him. There aren't any words to describe him. All I can say is, go watch Dr. Quinn, and you'll see what I mean.

4. Riley from National Treasure

Sarcastic, witty and all-around hilarious. What can I say? He's a techie guy with a sense of humor and adventure.

5. Elizabeth Swann Turner from Pirates of The Caribbean

A Powerful leader. Her loyalty and bravery is amazing.

6. Aragorn from Lord of The Rings

Where to begin? His protectiveness over the hobbits, his loyalty to Arwen, his leadership, his kindness...GAH!

7. Sam from Lord of The Rings

Adorable, and loyal, Samwise the brave has got to be one of my favorite characters in Lord of The Rings. Caring, and always on the lookout, Frodo wouldn't have gotten very far without Sam. I don't like that he isn't given much credit in the movies, but, did you know? JRR Tolkien thought of Sam as the real hero in Lord of The Rings.

8. Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon

Ahem. I'll just put a picture in instead.

9. Elsa and Anna from Frozen

They're fabulous. I love how Anna wants to spend time with Elsa, even though she doesn't see her much. I love how Elsa mothers Anna, and wants to protect her.

10. Bilbo from The Hobbit

A homebody with streaks of adventurous spirit. What a combination! He likes his books, maps, and history. I think that he and I would get along quite well. 

That was very fun! Now, to return the favor, I tag (in alphabetical order):

I can't wait to see their answers! Anybody else who wants to participate in this tag, don't be shy, go for it!



  1. Eeeek! Thanks for doing it!:D

    Yes…yes…yes…I love all those characters so muchly! (But GIRL YOUR NEW HEADER!!! It's beauteous.)

    I keep realizing characters that should have made it onto my list…and Riley is definitely one of them. I love that guy. He's got the best one liners. "Well, not to be a, um, a nudge, but you do realize how many people are following us. We probably have our own satellite by now."

    Sully! Sully is great. Yes, indeed:D

  2. Thank you Chloe! I'll hopefully post soon. :)
    Great answers!


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