The Road Is Calling and I Must Away

The Hobbit fans, you know you sang that.

After a rather tearful farewell to our friends we departed from the Blair's house.

The drive was... pretty much the same as the drive to Virginia. Trees. Everywhere. Our first stop was at *drumroll please* Starbucks. Mom told everyone to beeline it for the restrooms as soon as we walked in, while she went to order her drink and get cups of water. She paid me back for treating everyone else the first time by allowing me to get some tea. Embarrassing side note: when I walked up to the counter the guy at the register said "Hey, what an I do for you?" with out hesitation, I immediately replied "Hi, I'm good. Oh wait, I'm sorry! I meant... could I please have a peach green tea lemonade?" The guy was super understanding and laughed it off, even though it was 10:45, too late to use the 'it's too early' excuse for whatever I said.

I fell asleep for maybe an hour at some point, and then continued to doze off and on for the rest of the drive. Except, of course, for the hour and a half that I relieved mom from the driver's seat. (apparently six and a half hours is not enough sleep. I was writing, ok? I was in the zone...mode...thing, and that doesn't happen just any day)

Three states, nine hours, and six stops later, we arrived at our hotel in Columbia, South Carolina.

Now, the original drive was only supposed to take six hours without stops, but evidently some of the kids have small bladders, so we will not be drinking very much tomorrow. Lunch was our beloved Chickfila.

Everyone is tired and ready to go to bed.

Great news! Mom just announced that we will be cutting a day off of our return trip! The new goal time to be home at is 8pm Tuesday night.

Ni lû tôl (until then)


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