"Jurassic World" Review

I got to see this movie with some of my friends on Saturday afternoon.

Where to begin? Where to begin? (be prepared for fangirling, Lydia patiently put up with listened to my gushing hours after the movie was over. I haven't convinced her to watch it though.)


Ok, slightly on the scary side for me, but I still loved it. Ok, not all the deaths. There wasn't anything too gory, nobody was decapitated on screen, just a gulp and they're dead.

The acting though! It was perfection! It really looked and felt real. I tend to just watch movies and think "I wonder how many takes that took." Not so with this movie.

The music was epic,  and sets were amazing!

The CGI didn't look phony in the least. By the end of the movie, I was seriously contemplating if dinosaurs really were extinct.

In terms of romantic content, there was only one kiss. Which was good for me, because movies that center around romance aren't necessarily my cup of tea.

In terms of language, they did have it, but it was not as bad as some movies I've seen. They did have the a-word (once, at the end of another word) , the b-word (two or three times), I think they had the d-word (I'm not sure), the h-word (once), and the s-word (once).

In terms of traumatic elements, it's a dinosaur movie, it's going to be traumatic. They do show a few people getting...eaten. I only jumped about four times during the entire movie, three of them were for plausible reasons, the fourth was when I wasn't really paying attention to the music so a movement surprised me. I was sitting next to a wall and a guy, so I couldn't really grab on to anything if I was scared. I held on to my purse. Tightly.

The music helped a lot in terms of setting the mood for a scene, or building up suspense.

The movie was so awesome, that by the time it was over, I was shaking with all the epic-ness. I seriously felt like I could go sprint a mile. I couldn't fall asleep until almost one o'clock this morning.

I heard that this Jurassic movie was relatively tame compared to the original trilogy. There were kids in the theater under four feet tall. Not that I think my younger siblings would enjoy the movie (with the exception of Christian), just that... ummm... Sorry folks, my train of thought derailed, and there were no survivors. I seriously have no idea where I was going with that. I did get eight hours of sleep last night, so I don't have the excuse that I didn't sleep.

Ok, ok. You're probably wondering, why doesn't this girl just tell me what the movie was about? If you aren't planning on going to see it, feel free to read on, but, if you are interested in seeing it, just skip the next couple of paragraphs.

The movie starts with two dino eggs beginning to hatch in a lab, but then cuts out to a mother sending her two sons to visit their aunt Claire, the manager type person of Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme park and learning center. The younger boy, Gray, is super excited about their weekend with the dinosaurs, but his older brother, Zach, is less enthusiastic.

Gray and Zach arrive at Jurassic World, but Claire is not there to meet them, like she promised. Instead, she has sent her assistant to babysit/keep track of her nephews. The boys are not pleased to have their every step followed by their 'nanny'.

Meanwhile, Claire is inspecting the newest attraction, the Indominus rex. Her boss asks her to find Owen Grady, a Velociraptor trainer and expert, so that he can make sure the Indominus' enclosure is sufficient.

Owen is approached by Hoskins, the head of InGen security, who wants to use Owen's raptors, Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo, (military terms for the letters B, C, D, and E!) as weapons. But the raptors prove to be wild when one of the staff falls into the raptor enclosure (he doesn't die though, Owen and his partner, Barry, manage to bring him out). Claire eventually finds Owen, and deliver's her boss' request. He agrees, and upon inspection, tells them that they have not raised the Indominus correctly. As she has no other dinos in the same cage with her, the only relationship she has is with the feeding crane.

When the cameras aren't able to detect the Indominus in her enclosure, and when they discover large claw-marks on the wall, Owen and two other staff members enter the cage. Claire calls the park control to see if they can locate the Indominus using the tracking device imbedded in the dino's back. The Indominus is still in her cage.

Owen and the staff start running, and in the process, one of the staff members gets eaten. Owen and the other staff member manage to get out by opening the large gate, but are unable to get it fully shut before the Indominus crashes through. Owen dives under a near-by truck, while the other member hinds behind a different car. The Indominus finds the staff member, and gulps him down. Owen, seeing that the only way to escape is to hide his scent, quickly douses himself with gasoline by cutting the fuel line. The Indominus can't find him, and stalks off.

Back in the park, Gray and Zach have finally managed to lose their nanny, and enter a ride. While on the ride, Claire announces that the northern part of the park is now closed off, and that every capsule from the ride must return immediately. The boys do not take the announcement seriously, and remain on the ride. Seeing an open gate and a path, they decide to follow it.

Very quickly, the Indominus finds, and chases them. She attacks the capsule they are in, but they manage to escape when the glass breaks. They run for it, and the Indominus follows closely behind. They lose her by jumping off a waterfall.

Claire and Owen see that a capsule has not returned, and decide to go and find them.

Gray and Zach find the ruins of the old Jurassic Park, and find a jeep that they are able to repair well enough, and drive back to the main park.

Claire and Owen follow the boys' trail to the ruins, and are ambushed by the Indominus. (That's where I jumped the biggest.) They make it out. A chopper with Claire's boss and two soldiers follow the Indominus to the aviary. The Indominus breaks into the aviary and frees the flying dinosaurs. They attack the chopper, and it crashes and explodes. The flying dinosaurs turn and attack the park visitors. The boys reunite with their nanny, but she is carried away and dropped into Jurassic World lagoon, where she is eaten by a Mosasaurus.

Hoskins takes over the park, and decides to use the raptors against the Indominus. Owen reluctantly agrees that it is the thing to do. But upon encounter, the Indominus turns the raptors against the soldiers, causing most of them to be killed, and her to escape.

Meanwhile, Hoskins is in the Jurassic lab, packing up dino embryos, when he is confronted by Claire, Owen, and the boys. Hoskins discloses his plan to turn the Indominus into a weapon. But a raptor appears and kills him. The others come out of the lab, only to be surrounded by the other raptors. But Owen manages to re-establish his connection with them. When the Indominus returns, the raptors openly defy her, but the Indominus seemingly kills them when they, and Owen, attack her.

When all seems to be lost, Claire decides to open the t-rex enclosure and lure the rex into combat with the Indominus. (I had chills during the fight scene.) But the rex appears to be over-powered. Just in time to save the day, a raptor, Blue, comes back, and helps the rex to force the Indominus to the lagoon, where the Mosasaurus drags the Indominus to her death.

The surviving visitors are evacuated to Costa Rica, while the rex and Blue leave for the jungle. Gray and Zach's parents are reunited with their boys.

And they all lived happily ever after to the end of their days.

Now I have to see the original trilogy.

On a scale of one to ten, I'd give this one a 9.5.



  1. I want to see that!

    1. You should! Totally worth the money spent on buying the ticket!

    2. Just watched it!!! It was awesome!!! We must fangirl. ;)


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