Father's Day, Birthdays, Hurricanes, Pirates, and Malware

Happy Father's Day (belated :/ . Once you read the entire post, you'll see why it's late)!

Let's just say that technology and I are not on the best of terms. The fact that I am even able to blog at the moment is just shy of a miracle.

Somehow, a virus called "Malware" completely infested my laptop. Thank goodness I have an aunt, an uncle, and a gramma who are knowledgeable in the world of tech. After examining pretty much everything on it, they concluded that there were only two choices; either take it in to the Apple Store to get in cleaned out, or revert it to factory settings. Being me, not wanting to spend a bunch of money, or drive an hour to get something fixed, I chose the latter. After downloading all the documents and pictures (at least an hour process), figuring out how to revert it, actually reverting it, waiting hours for it to finish 'computing' or whatever (over 15 of them), I was able to get it turned on.

It was much easier said than done. But it wasn't over. Those of you who have a mac, or are familiar with macs, know that the document writer of that kind of computer is Pages. Mine was gone. Just 'poof' and I can't write unless I download all my documents onto the iCloud website online. Grrr. And it costs $20 to get it again from the app store.

I was on the verge of tears this morning when dad reminded me to keep perspective (thanks so much dad!). He said that usually when he has problems with his computer, it costs in between $200 and $400 to fix, the fact that I have been able to fix most of it for nothing was really a blessing. So what, if I have to pay a little bit so I can write?

I still have to figure out how to get Photos, but I'm pretty sure that will come in an update that I am trying to upload, but it's taking forever uploading.

On a lighter note…

Yesterday was Gabe's eighth birthday! To celebrate, since we have passes, mom and dad took everyone except Lydia, she had work, to Six Flag's Hurricane Harbor. It was the first time for most of us, including me. We had fun, and only had minor sunburns when we came home. Mia was very brave going down several slides, even mom rode one with us. We got there when it opened, and stayed until 3ish. So yes, we ate there. Right before we left, we all got to choose a snack to eat in the car. The boys got ice cream related stuff, while Mia, Ava, and I each got snow-cones (yum!).

We arrived home exhausted and hungry. Lydia graciously made dinner for us, while mom gave Gabe the go-ahead to pick a movie. After much persuasion, mom decided that Pirates of The Caribbean could be an option. We jumped at it. Ava had been begging for months to watch it, and Mia was already practically drooling over the cover.

It's been an eventful week thus far. We have a play practice later with some friends of ours (The Princess Bride, people!), and I have to be able to film bits of it so we know what to work on. I get to be Humperdink, let's hope I can breathe a bit of life into his character. I also am the back-stage techy and sound supervisor, which means I have to make sure and find sound effects and music for whatever Lydia (the directer and Buttercup) wants. I just heard that tomorrow I'll be working on a photo book with Gramma. Super excited about that! :D



  1. Aww, that's the worst about your computer! D: *huggles* I'm so glad it's fixed!
    Oh my, a Princess Bride play?? :O THAT SOUNDS SO COOL. I recently saw my first play, which was the Little Mermaid... it was so fun. :) Break a leg as Humperdink! XD

    1. Yeah... There is another document writer type thingy on the laptop, it's just not as refined, and I haven't really learned how to use it. Oh well.

      Yup! It is! That sounds like so much fun! Thanks! :D


  2. You are having those problems because you have a Mac. BTW, you really should get a firewall installed on that computer. And every computer. Firewalls are extremely important. IDK about macs, but on windows there are free ones.


    For Windows, there is at least one, fully-rounded, writing software that is completely free. If you have Linux, then practically everything is open-source and free.

    Good luck! (Not that lucks exists or anything.....)

  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind. I believe the update we just installed should help with detecting viruses.


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