The Breaking of The Fellowship

Dad and Lydia flew home this morning. The rest of us will be departing on Saturday, and will be arriving home on Wednesday. Lydia will check in with us every so often so that she can keep The Family Blog going about our trip.

Elsa must have followed us from Texas. We have experienced highs in the low 60's for the past few days. The nights sure have been cold, and we've had rain or sprinkles almost every day. There was a reason I brought my swimsuit. It's currently sunny and 80 something at home. Maybe the chicken coop will (finally!) dry out by the time we get home (trust me, it stinks in there, more than it should).

After a while of wandering around the house doing nothing, and just about dying from cabin fever hanging out, Mrs. Blair, and mom took all of the remaining kids bowling in Dale. I tied for second twice, and lost once. Then Christian played a whole game by himself, bowling for four. He's going to be sore.

I think we might be watching a movie tonight, with the possibility of root-beer floats and chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

Tomorrow we are going to see Mount Vernon and (hopefully!) meet up with family.

I bid you all a very fond farewell,



  1. Lol I <3 the title :) and argh you had to get the last goodbye in my head ;) so what state are y'all in now??

    1. We are still in DC, but we'll be in South Carolina tomorrow.


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