The Road Has Come To An End

*Trumpets sound and Angels sing as confetti flies everywhere*

We survived! Without tearing each other to pieces! (In all honesty, we were all getting on everyone else's nerves.)

We started the day at 7:00 this morning, and were heading towards the Vicksburg national park by 8:15. Since we didn't have to check out of our hotel room, we left all the baggage at the hotel. Like an idiot, I left my camera there, so I didn't get any pictures of the park.

It was so pretty! Apparently, Illinois and Ohio sent a lot of soldiers to fight, as there were tons of monuments in their honor.

After seeing most of what there was to see, we headed back to load up the car one last time. Rather, I loaded up the car, while everyone else finished last minute bathroom breaks and turned in the room keys. I got to drive over the Mississippi river again. After my hour was up, we had arrived at the Duck Commander warehouse. Those of you who know what Duck Dynasty is, will know what I'm talking about. We got a few pictures with the sign, switched drivers, and broke out the dvd players for the rest of the drive home.

Guess what dinner was? Here's a hint: it starts with a C, and ends with a hickfila.

We arrived home a bit after 8:00pm. Evidently, the internet was fixed soon enough for me to post this.

Dad just came to tell me not to stay up too late, so I should probably bid you adieu for now.



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