'Tis the Season

To have allergies.

It's that time of the year again. (Why does it have to come twice every year though?)

Everything's starting to die and decompose (plant wise), resulting in a lot more things in the air besides gasses, also more runny noses and sneezing fits.

Mia's getting her six-year-old molars, so she's being more cranky than normal.

Gabe has a sore throat.

As far as I know, Ava is still fine.

Christian just got his bottom braces, so his mouth is still slightly sore. He also seems to have a bit of a sore throat.

I've been coughing more than normal in the mornings. Almost every time I go outside, I try to break my sneezing record. My eyes are being hyper-sensitive. It's amazing how much worse they look after doing a math lesson and scoring badly.

Lydia has a stopped up nose, but other than that, I think she's fine.

Mom has been super tired ever since we got back from Montana.

Dad is off at meetings several times a week. He's also playing math-grader for Christian and me, kid-refferee/wrangler, so mom can have a few minutes by herself, and still managing to put in a full work day.

The kick-off meeting for speech and debate was yesterday. That will add to our schedule (and school load).

Yesterday was also the twelve-year anniversary of a very sad family event, adding to Mom's and Dad's stress level.

In short, almost everyone is not completely healthy, and Mom is extremely stressed. It's a good thing the weekend started tomorrow. That, and Church.

How was y'all's week? Do any of you usually get sick around this time of year? Nobody really chooses to get sick, but what is your favorite thing to do when you get sick? 


  1. okayyyy. I am the first to comment. how interesting! :P
    welllllllll.to answer question one, my week has been awesome......and well. all sorts of things. :) a rollercoaster one might say!
    as to question #2, um. I don't think so.... and I am so sorry ya'll have been not too well. I personally got rid of my allergies (they used to kill me, sooooo itchy and oh = the worst hayfever in the world. at 10yrs old. urgh) by eating a completely different diet. ie. unprocessed and for a while dairy and gluten free {plus I'm not big on eggs and meat so I cut that out too...}. And in about three months. I kinda completely got rid of it - for the past three years now. it's awesome! {there were other changes and factors. but that was the main reason!}
    Question #3 = what do I like to do when I'm sick? eat {usually I'm not allowed to - so I get rather grumpy with all the yummy smells around here...} + watch movies + read + listen to bible studies.... + oh. I think I have a long list of things I do when I'm sick. :) often I catch up on project like my cross stitch... :)
    did I answer those well? I don't know.... sorry for such a long comment! :D

    1. I guess I'll hear more about it tonight. :) Y'all are doing to church, right?

      That's awesome that you don't usually get sick. It's kinda been an off year for us.

      Sounds like a lot of the same things I like to do!

      That's fine, I love long comments! :D

    2. yeah..... we are coming to church! {yay!}
      Wellll. I used to get sick like every two weeks. THAT was really terrible. but.. lately... it's been awesome to only OCCASIONALLY be sick. :) Poor Linns, you've all had a lot of sickies this year..... :(
      That's awesome! :) I do a lot of different things... so when people ask me a question like that, it's really difficult to answer with one thing. :D I have a huge variety of things I do!
      Oh. good. because I comment - long. :P

    3. That was probably one of the fastest responses I've ever had to one of my comments.

      Great! See you there!


    4. really?! oh wait. yes that is so fast. and I just randomly... checked your blog! :) I didn't even look at when you had replied... hehe!

  2. Both my dad and I have ragweed allergies so that's been annoying :P and school starts this week :/ I'll be praying for you guys!

    1. Yeah.

      We've been doing school off and on all summer, but we officially started a couple weeks ago. Have fun!

      Thanks, I really appreciate it!

  3. You all need a holiday in a place where plants aren't dying....

    1. We are going on vacation very soon, but we all need to be healthy when we leave...


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