The Worst Book Ever, And Plot Bunnies On Parade

I finished Gulliver's Travels!

*trumpets sound, and angels sing as Chloe jubilantly throws confetti everywhere*

Ok, the celebration wasn't actually that loud, as I appeared to be the only one up at 11:37 last night. It was mostly a bunch of loud sighs of relief as I finally threw down the book for the last time.

My thoughts?

Basically, the book was terrible. It had so much potential, but the author had to go and ruin it with crudeness and things that really did not need mentioning.

I mean, really. Did he have to go insane by the end of the book? He is always missing his wife and child, or so he claims, yet whenever he returns home from a voyage, vowing to never travel again, six months later, "oh, look at that, such and such is planning a voyage. Let me see if he'll take me on!"

A retelling is definitely in order. With dragons. And more pirates. And I think Gulliver should be a girl this time, don't you?

Oooo! She could go to Narnia as one of the travels.

Wait, that should be the last adventure.

The first one should be Oz, because of Munchkins. Then the second one could take place in the country of Jack and The Beanstalk. The third one could be Middle-earth, because that just has pretty much everything, and the last one should be Narnia, because it has the talking animals.

"Hush, little plot bunnies, you really shouldn't be talking to me right now. You already made me plan the death of a character while making dinner last night (nobody was poisoned, I assure you)."

*ushers them under the rug before stomping on them.*

But wouldn't a book on time-traveling be fun?

"Be quiet! I say, you are a determined bunch."

*sweeps the little darlings up, then throws them out the door to be incinerated by Smaug.*

You didn't see anything.



  1. Aaaah this was hilarious!!! Totally know what you mean by characters talking!! But I tried to explain it to my sister who is not a writer and now she just thinks I'm crazy ;)

    1. Oh, but we are all crazy around here.

      My sister writes, but even she thinks I am slightly crazy. :)


  2. Hahaha! I had to read the first two parts of Gulliver's Travels for school…and I'm not sure if I even finished that much;) But yes, I agree--pretty awful.


    1. Don't worry, they reproduce very quickly.

      The little wheels are turning, a new story is probably going to be started within the next couple of months.




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