Movie Quotes: Announcement

I've decided to give y'all a few more days to guess, as I have only got one comment with answers in it at this point in time.

Assuming everything goes as planned, the answers will be posted on the 15th.

If no other answers are guessed, then it will be my painful duty to post the answers.

In case y'all didn't see the previous Movie Quotes Post, I'll repost the quotes below.

The rules are quite simple, really. All you have to do is,
(1) Read each quote
(2) Enlighten us as to which movie it came from*
(3) Say who said it.*

1. “There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”

2. "Masquerade, paper faces on parade. Masquerade, hide your face, and the world will never find you."

3. “Through a series of events, that had nothing to do with me….”

4. “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

5. “Tell me…. Tell me….. Tell me….. OK, DON”T TELL ME!”

6. “And Daddy, they took my boot!”

7. "Angel of music, you deceived me. I gave my life blindly."

8. "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

9. “Maboogey snickle snickle, toute suite.”

10. "And remember, if something chases you- run."

*Comment moderation will be used, so don't freak out if your comment doesn't show up when you post it.

Best of luck to you all!



  1. I only know #'s 1 and 8.

    #1: Sam Gamgee to Frodo Baggins, The Return of the King.

    #8: Thorin Oakenshield to Bilbo Baggins, The Battle of Five Armies.

  2. I don't know many of these, but 1). Sam from The Two Towers, and 2). Gandalf from An Unexpected Journey(I thiiiinnk).

  3. 4. Despicable me. Agnes.
    Argh I feel like I should know #6 grr....

  4. Ok. Correction. Quote #1 is actually in the end of The Two Towers. I just finished watching the extended edition.

  5. Hello there! I just found your blog and I must say I love your header! I would like to join the game if that's all right.

    1. The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers and Sam is saying it to Frodo. :)

    2. Is The Phantom of the Opera. And it's a song people are sing together.

    4. Despicable Me and Agnes says it. She's so cute! :)

    6. Tarzan! Jane says it.

    8. The Hobbit BOTFA and Thorin says it...sniff.

    10. Jarussic World and the Mom says it. Loved that movie!

  6. I missed this the first time you posted this I guess. :(
    1) LOTR: Return of the King? Samwise Gamgee
    2) Phantom of the Opera- the whole company says it?
    3) ?
    4) Despicable Me- one of the little girl says it but I don't know their names.
    5) ?
    7) The Phantom of the Opera.... Christine Dai
    8) The Hobbit BOTFA- Thorin Oakinshield
    9) ?
    10) Jurassic World- the boys' mom

  7. Okay, I never get these, but as I was reading through this post, I was like, "Hey, I know that one. ...And that one...OHMIGOSH I KNOW SO MANY!!!" This is a first.

    #1. Sam from...I think it was Two Towers.
    #2. POTO
    #3. No idea.
    #4. Agnes from Despicable Me.
    #5. No idea.
    #6. Jane from Tarzan.
    #7.Christine from POTO
    #8. Thorin Oakenshield. I don't remember which movie.
    #9. Captain Jack Sparrow from Dead Man's Chest.
    #10. Jurassic something. World or Park I do not remember.

  8. I did submit my answers before, didn't I? I thought I had...

    1. You did, but you were the only one with answers...

  9. Did you remove my comment? Maybe I just forgot to publish it. Darn it.

  10. Oh...ok, comment moderation, Forgot about that. Oops.


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