"Guardians of the Galaxy" Review

I've been doing a lot of reviews lately, haven't I?

Thank you, Munsells, for the recommendation. Thank you, Uncle Phil, for letting us borrow it!

There's a second one somewhere, right?

Actually, yes (according to Wikipedia). The filming is supposedly going to start in 2016, and come out sometime in 2017. The main characters are going to reprise their roles, and hopefully some to the plotholes in the first movie will be clearer.

The Good:

It was amazing! The CGI and special effects were executed perfectly!

Groot is awesome!

The Bad:

Okay, out of all the Marvel movies I've seen, this one has the most language in it. The words are tossed around a bit more carelessly, mostly for the humor effect. (I didn't think it was funny)

The Sad:

The movie starts with his mom dying! How can that not be classified as sad?

When Groot is building the barrier around his friends. Me: "Why does he have to die!?" Lydia: "Well, they had to have somebody die." Me: "But why did it have to be the sweet one?"

The Funny:

Most of the movie is chock-full of humorous one-liners and conversations. Really, there's too many to list! Almost every single time there is a deep moment, somebody "messes it up" with a line that states the obvious ("Okay, now we're all standing up, in a circle." "Why would I draw my finger across his neck?").

The Oh-my-goodness-I-had-no-idea-that-was-blank Moment:

When I looked up the cast list on Wikipedia the next day and discovered that Lee Pace played Ronan.

I knew he sounded too much like a wise elf type to be playing the villain!

Final Analysis:

The movie was awesome, go watch it! But, the movie is definitely rated pg-13 for a reason (language, action, sci-fi, etc).

Have any of y'all seen it? Did you like it? Tell me so we can fangirl in the comments!


  1. I like this movie a lot but as you said.... language. :(

    1. Yup, exactly. I think some of my younger siblings would have enjoyed it, but mom and dad would probably draw the line because of the language.

  2. I love this movie!!!!!!! Not to mention I sort of have a crush on Chris pratt.... :)


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