"Little Boy" Review

It was one of those rip-your-heart-out-but-still-a-good-ending movies.

It was amazing!

You should watch it.

Watch it now!

The Good:

Gah! Pepper was so sweet! He's adorable, end of discussion.

The makers did an excellent job portraying life back in the 40's.

I love how the friendship between Pepper and Hashimoto developed.

The Bad:

There are a few moments where I felt like my heart had been smashed into a bazillion pieces, never to be healed again chipped a bit.

The Ugly:

The kids are really really, I mean, REALLY mean to Pepper.

The racism is terrible, but understandable for the time.

When London holds the gun up to Hashimoto's face, yeah, there were a few "hey, oh no he isn't"'s and a "if he keeps holding the gun that way, he's gonna get kicked in the face" heard in the living room.

When Hashimoto's house gets vandalized and he gets beaten up.

The Sad:

When Hashimoto is in the hospital and we see Pepper holding his list with "bury the dead" written on it.

The memorial service for Pepper's supposedly dead father. I almost started bawling, but managed to keep all my tears, except one, from falling.

When the dad has to go to war.

The whole movie.

The Happy:

When Pepper stands up for himself and stops Freddy from bullying him.

When the dad comes home.

The whole movie.

Go watch it now! Or, if you have already seen it, tell me what you think in the comments below!


  1. Oh, wow! I've neither watched nor heard of this movie, but it sounds really good.

  2. Oh, I saw it in the theater and loved it!!! I'm so glad you saw it and liked it!


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