In August, I mentioned that Lydia went to a thing called Summit.

"Why are you bringing it up?"

Because it is quite possible that I'll be going next year! *squeal*

"What is it even?"

Summit is basically a student conference to teach a biblical worldview. It's two weeks long, and they have locations in California, Tennessee, and Colorado.

Here are the dates for Colorado:

"Ok, but really. Why are you telling me this?"

Because, I'm curious to see if any of y'all would want to go.

Lydia went as part of her graduation gift and came back with a glowing report, I expressed interest, and now Mom and Dad are thinking that I'll get to go, and Christian might get the opportunity as well.

And so y'all know, it was actually Mom's idea that I tell y'all this. She and I both think it would be pretty awesome if I could meet some of y'all, and what better way to do it than at a Christian Worldview conference?

Because of college things, I would most likely be going in May. The minimum age is 16. They usually have students ages 17-20 attend.

Here's the FAQ page on the website.

Lydia said that there were a bunch of really good speakers.

But you won't be sitting in class the entire time, I promise.

Here's the basic schedule (click here).

Registration is $1,395, and includes a non-refundable $95.00 deposit, tuition, housing, meals, most outings, and a binder containing lecture notes as well as related articles.

It's a very safe setting. There's even a night-watch. 

You don't have to eat dinner on the complex, if you and a couple other people want to go out into the town that is completely fine, you just have to tell someone in charge who all is going with you and where you're going.

You will be seated, placed in small groups, and roommates decided all based on your age.

Lydia met a lot of really nice people there, a few of whom don't live too far away from us (when you live in Texas, an hour drive is really not that bad).

So, what do you think?


  1. I think Summit sounds interesting, but I don't really know that I would be interested in going my self. One of my best friends actually went to Colorado meeting Summer of 2015.

    1. Well, if you do decide to go, let me know!

  2. It sounds really awesome (and I read Lydia's blog/ got lots of Summit glowy-ness hehe)! However, I live ~1000 miles from*skeptical face*. Also I'm not old enough :P

    {interesting internet name that I haven't decided upon yet}

  3. THAT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. Alas, the fee would come straight from my own funds, and I am a poor blogger with no money. BUT WHEN YOU GO YOU MUST TELL ALL.

    1. How could I not tell everyone about it? :D

  4. One of my other friends actually went to Summit last year and really enjoyed it! I'd be interested in going at some point; not sure when it will actually happen (if it does), but, to echo Laura, you must tell us all about it!! :D


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