Eating words

So you know that thing when you say you will absolutely never, ever like/do *insert whatever it is here*?

But then a couple weeks/months/years later, you like/do *insert thing*?

Kinda awkward to admit it, am I right?

Early 2015 to my co-op classmates: "I don't dance, really, I don't like it."


Exhibit A:

I know the basic swing-dance steps, and by that, I know the in-between step, a twirl, and the guy's part of a weird something or other. (Lydia wanted to try it, so I had to learn the guy's part because Christian had no idea what he  was doing)

I also know all these dances:

Last year to Mom: "Country music is just a bunch of people whining about their problems to a tune in a fake southern accent."



Exhibit B:

I've decided that there's a little more substance to country music.

Do y'all like to dance?
What about country music? Any recommendations? 


  1. I like to dance, but I have never really learned how (I to had to learn the guys part for my sister). But I definitely want to learn
    the last dance that you posted.

    I do listen to some country music.

    1. It's pretty easy to figure out, and very fun. :D

  2. Ha, this is hilarious. I didn't use to like dancing (or the thought of dancing in front of people). But now, I really like to! Especially playing Just Dance XD

    I don't really listen to country music but I listen to Christian music that sounds like country XD

    1. Oh yes. I was adamant that I had two left feet and no sense of rhythm, but I was completely wrong. XD

  3. Hahah I love this post!

  4. ALL OF THOSE DANCES ARE SO FUN!! Though there's another one for Tell Me Ma that I ADORE, too.

    A similar thing happened to me last year with country music. I was getting a little bit of extra cash during summer by weeding, and WEEDING IS BORING, so it requires music, but the only radio station that was in tune was a country station. I know most country songs by heart. XD

  5. Ooh, what dance is it?

    The lady I worked some for almost always had country music going, so I finally slid into a neutral stance towards country, then I just now decided that I listened to it enough to say that I liked it.

    1. I think it's called the Cross Hand Westminster, but I can't find it anywhere! Huh.

  6. I like to dance. I've never done partner dancing, but I've done a little line dancing at a retreat! It is so much fun. Of course my sister and I dance around the bedroom listening to all sorts of music all of the time! ;) As for country music, I don't listen to any secular country songs. I did see a couple Christian artists on your playlists I have listened to. (We do like Miranda Lambert's "House That Built Me".)

    1. I could probably use some practice line dancing, I'm not very good at it. XD


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