I fixed it!

A couple weeks ago I was notified by somebody who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are) that my Google Friend Connect button was out of commission.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what was the issue, so I just left it alone and hoped that Google would eventually fix it for me. Still nothing.

A couple days ago, Lydia asked me to email her a list of some of my favorite bloggers (don't worry, you're all my favorite, but I couldn't very well send her a list of dozens of links to wade through, now could I?). She also asked me how she could get more involved in the blogging community. Of course, I told her to post more on her secondary blog, and to follow and comment on other people's blogs.

After thinking on what I told her, I decided that I needed to check the design for her secondary blog because I couldn't even remember what it looked like even though I was the one who designed it for her.

Holy moly! It was definitely cringe-worthy! A blurry photo as the background, no proper header (still being worked on at the moment, she hasn't sent me a photo yet), basically a blogger's nightmare.

I couldn't stand it.

I knew her google account password, so of course I logged in and fixed it. It still isn't perfect, but it looks much better than before, imho.

When I was messing around with the gadgets in her sidebar, I couldn't find the old Google Friend Connect gadget. I finally found what I hoped was a good alternative and stuck that in place. Lo, and behold, it was the same thing!

I saved her thingy, then logged back into my account to see if it would work on mine.

It did!

I am so happy!

So what you see now is not the old Google Friend Connect button, I had to replace it. Also, since I was already in the re-designing mood, I changed around a couple things on my blog (new header, anyone?).

Well anyways, there you go!


  1. I FOLLOWED YOU HUZZAH XD Nice work getting it back in function! :D

  2. Yay!
    I like your new header, by the way.

  3. I followed you as well! Yay, it's working now!

  4. Love the new header. Wheat is always amazing.

  5. Replies
    1. It's a feather, and thank you! :)

    2. I wrote that comment and then took another look and thought it looked more like a feather.

    3. Did Lydia change her blog? Cause the blog of hers that I used to follow doesn't exist anymore.

    4. I did some touch ups when I fixed my GFC button, but I don't think I deleted it or changed the web address. Let me check real quick.

    5. She changed the web address, here's the new one: www.bearayofsonshine.blogspot.com

      Sorry about the confusion there!

    6. No problem! I told her to give her followers a warning a couple days before changing it next time, so hopefully that won't happen again.

  6. Ooo, the header is so pretty!! :)

  7. Sweet! I like the new header! I'll have to check out Lydia's blog!



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