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This post is the result of late-night wakefulness due to a lovely, but rather annoying, lightning show.

Happy 4th of July!

So, as you may already know, college classes started June 6th. Lydia, Christian, and I are all in a learning frameworks class, which is essentially a class teaching good college learning/studying habits. Lydia is doing her's online, and Christian and I are at a college campus. I'm also doing an online federal government class. Christian and I are at the campus Monday through Thursday, 12-2:20 (actually, we get there closer to 11:30 in the morning because the parking is horrible when we arrive closer to 12, plus we live about 45 minutes away). There are sixteen people (including both of us) in the class, which is actually kind-of small.

Tip #1: Always, ALWAYS get to class on time. You might miss important stuff.

Tip #2: Know how to contact your professor.

Tip #3: Know what your professor expects of you. Is he/she easygoing and relaxed, or is he/she a stickler for rules and regulations?

Tip #4: Find a seat where you can both see and hear the professor with ease.

Tip #5: Make sure you know when deadlines are, especially with an online class.

Tip #6: When you've contacted your online professor three times with no answer, God is probably trying to teach you patience (personal experience right there).

Tip #7: Pull your weight in group projects.

Tip #8: For heaven's sake, be polite.

Tip #9: When going on a field trip, make sure you know exactly where you're supposed to meet up.

Tip #10: Remember to ask questions. If not in class, then at least through an email or something.

Tip #11: There is no miracle formula for college success outside of working hard.

Now my eyes are getting sore because I already took off my glasses before typing this up. The lightning has simmered down now, so I'm going to hit the hay.

Goodnight to those of you who are still awake.

Goodmorning to those of you who are just now seeing it.


  1. Helpful tips, indeed. (I get the feeling a few of these are from experience. :) )

    1. Yup, from mine and from observing the other students. :)

  2. Thank yee for these! I shall be using these next year, when I'm 'colleging'!

  3. I'm not going to college, but good advice all the same.


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