Quote Tag, day 3

Good Sunday!

As Sunday is the third and final day of the marvelous quote tag, today I decided to post a Bible verse (actually, I decided that on Friday, but whatever).

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged/nominated you- thanks Abigayle! (Also, I'm pretty sure this is a rule for most every tag in existence, if you know of a tag where that isn't a rule, I'd love to know about it)
2. Nominate/tag three new bloggers every day.
3. Post a new quote every day for three consecutive days.

The tag-ees:

Have fun with it y'all!
Psalm 100:4-5  #30DaysOfThanks :

(side note: I get to ride again today, and I'm so happy!)


  1. Good verse! I can still vaguely remember my mom teaching that to me when was little. :D

    1. It's one my Mom felt was what her New Year's resolution was supposed to look like. Also, our church is very focused on giving thanks and praising God through worship.

      That, and I really like it. :)


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