*excited squeals* *hyperventilating seal sounds*

Lydia: "Either something's wrong with the chickens, or Christian's doing something crazy."

Everyone else: "Nothing's wrong, just whatever."

A few minutes later.

Christian: "Guys! Guys, come here! Guys, come on!"

Everyone: "What?!"

Christian: "Grey has chicks!"

YES! We have chicks now! XD

And they are so cute and fuzzy and adorable!

A couple weeks ago, the aforementioned Grey (who is a grey chicken. I know, so original) had gone missing. We didn't find a body or feathers scattered everywhere, so we just assumed she had gone off on her own.

Maybe a week later, she reappeared for a couple hours before leaving again.

The only logical reason that I could think of for her strange behaviour was that she was broody. However, she had only just started laying eggs maybe two months before, so she was still pretty young. Try as we might, no matter how hard we searched, we could not find her hideout.

Last week she came out again for a couple hours. After making a few calculations, I decided that if she was indeed broody, her eggs should hatch sometime in the next week.

Lo and behold, this morning she showed them to Christian, and then he came and got us. As far as we know, she has six; four grey and two black.

On that note, we also have a white chicken (whose name is White, if y'all were wondering), that we think may be storing up eggs to go broody on. She is missing right now, and every couple days she's not been with the others when I put them up at night.

We are so grateful that a snake or some other critter didn't find her nest.

Last year, our duck tried to go broody, but a snake or something got to her nest and ruined everything. She hasn't tried again since then. We also had a silky go broody, but she stayed in the coop, so the other chickens kept laying in the nesting box she was in, so I think at one point she was sitting on at least a dozen eggs. She was on so many though, that some of them kept breaking, and she was getting really stressed, because at around three weeks, no chicks had hatched. We finally took the eggs away from her. Some of them had dead chicks in them (she was sitting on so many that they weren't staying warm enough), and some didn't even have any chicks in them at all. She recovered after that, but a couple months later something killed her and several other hens.

Aren't they just the cutest balls of adorable fuzzyness?!


  1. So sorry to hear about your past experiences with chicks and eggs.
    Aw, I remember when my brats were chicks! They were so cute and they grew too fast :')

  2. They're precious!! I miss having chicks...

  3. YAY CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!! (I appreciate adorableness.)

  4. YAY CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!! (I appreciate adorableness.)

  5. Awwww!! They are so cute!!

    (My blog URL has changed to myhorsenextdoor.blogspot.com. To continue reading my posts, please update me in your links!)


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