Driving the tank, also, the week Chloe didn't eat

(Note: I am not complaining, I just found my experiences to be mildly humorous)

Wednesday started with the car I drive not starting. Wednesday was also the day I needed to take Gabe and Mia to gymnastics, go to work for a few hours, and also drive Christian to driver's ed. May I also mention this was all on six hours of sleep and a less-than-tasty cup of coffee? Also that it was on the second day of only six hours of sleep? (probably not my best decision, however, there were thunder and lightning storms both nights)

So I got to drive the family suv (which I hadn't driven in well over four months). It was a huge change from the civic I normally get to drive where I'm practically sitting on the road. (also parking that thing! It's like parking the Millennium Falcon for the first time)

Because honestly, you're gonna need it.
Dad and Christian were able to jump the civic, and drive it around the neighborhood while I was gone.

Gymnastics is 11:30-12:30, I was supposed to go to work at 1:30. We only lived about 25-30 minutes away from gymnastics, so theoretically I had planned plenty of time to eat before leaving for work.

Theoretically. Traffic was horrendous. Especially since I had to make a loop to get back to Goodwill (Mom wanted donations dropped off), and then construction was a mess, and on top of all that- it was during lunch hour, so of course at 12:55, everyone was in a hurry to not be late back to work.

We made it home around 1:25.

The last time I had gotten to eat lunch was Monday. Both Monday and Tuesday dinners were essentially snacks. I chowed down some crackers and chicken salad before rushing out the door to drive the tank to work.

I got back in time to get ready to drive Christian to driver's ed. We left, and got back around 8:25-30ish, then I finally got to have food.

Today started with the civic not starting again. So Dad and I jumped it, then took it to the shop for them to look at it, and to also get the oil changed.

Then, I drove the tank to the gas station to fill it up (since I had almost emptied the tank on Wednesday) before driving to Aunt Cendei's to help at her place around 11:30.

I fully expected there to be a lunch break, because Aunt Cendei is very generous that way, but guess what? Surprise, surprise! There wasn't.

We finished around 3:30, then I went home to get cleaned up. When 5 rolled around, I was finally sinking my teeth into a ginormous sandwich. Which, I then had to chomp down as quickly as possible so I could drive Christian to driver's ed again.

Friday, I'll finally get to eat lunch again, and I'm super excited about that!

(of course, I'll miss dinner though, because driver's ed. On second thought, maybe I'll just get something from Chickfila.)


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! ;) Are you done with the school year?

    By the way, I haven't forgotten about the story you sent me, but I'm so sorry I haven't sent back any suggestions yet! Would those still be helpful?

    Oh, and sorry about the Quotes tag, which I also fully intend to start soon. Haha, I really need to catch up on some things!

    1. We are working through the summer, I believe. But, the three older kids (Lydia, Christian, and I) are going through a transition in our schooling, so we don't have quite as much right now. Oh yeah! I forgot to ask you: what issues did your class debate about?

      Feedback is always helpful! There's no time limit, so you don't have to stress about it. :)

      Can't wait to see which quotes you do! :D

    2. Ah, I see. I'm doing a little school over the summer as well.

      We debated birthright citizenship and whether an employer should be allowed to discriminate on race or religion. We also practiced writing 1ACs on capitol punishment.

    3. Cool! I think we may have done capitol punishment, and also something concerning the military.

  2. Hi! On the 8th of May, I tagged you in the 'Text Tag' :) (It was in the rules to notify you! Sorry ^_^)

    1. Thanks for the tag! :)
      (I'm curious though, how did you find my blog?)

  3. The days I miss lunch are always bad days.

    1. Yeah, I tend to get pretty grumpy and/or emotional. :/


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