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Have fun!

The water shivered. A black wolf entered into her abode. The queen turned to greet him, and he bowed his head.

“What did you see in your wanderings?” She asked.
“Well, we may have come against a slight problem,” he replied.
“How so?”
“The queen, excuse me, the ruler- that’s still not the right word,” he shook his shaggy head.
“Just say the news, never mind how it may anger me in the future.”
“Your highness, I’m afraid an heir to the mortal throne is being born. Right now. At this very moment.” He ducked, waiting for the queen’s fury. It never came.
“An heir. So, he has been successful.” The queen smiled. It appeared rather sickly to the wolf, but he didn’t put it past her.
“Yes, my queen. He is by her bedside even now.”

“That straw on the floor really is a fire hazard, I’m pleasantly surprised that the whole palace hasn’t burst into flames on more than one occasion,” the queen continued her musings.
“Oh, so it’s a palace now, is it? Last I checked, you referred to it as a hovel.”
“Opinions change, and you would do well to button your beak before I do it for you.”

“Well, there you are, your highnesses. You’ve a daughter, as much as I can tell under these sheets.” The midwife discarded the final bed covering as well as one could when one’s hands are full of newborn baby. “Ah. I was right, a beautiful little girl. I don’t suppose either of you would mind if I cleaned her off before letting her eat, heaven knows she could stand a good wiping down.”
Aurora smiled, but a groan came out with it.
“Yes, that would be lovely,” William added.

“Well, I can’t say he was always the brightest of stars in the universe.” The queen said, removing her hand from her forehead, where it had landed with a resounding slap a few moments before.
“Star?! He’s not even as bright as a dying ember!” The wolf countered.
“Oh, do be fair! He managed to pass most of his lessons with flying colors,” the queen’s defensive side came through.
“And by that, you mean they were just barely dragging above the ground?”

A few moments later, the bedroom door was flung open, and a rather bleary-eyed William made an appearance, followed by his equally tired looking steward, royal calligrapher, and painter. All had dark circles under their eyes- an occurrence that happened on a regular basis, considering the unpredictable sleeping habits of the king. 

“Ah my honeyed love bug! The few hours of sleep have served you better than my steward. And the child? How does he fare? No matter, the playing cards have been decorated and scribbled on for the baby celebration. I don’t suppose you would mind checking them inside and out for birth defects?” Aurora could tell immediately that her husband would need a long afternoon nap.

Today, however, the kitchen was filled with extra workers, most of which seemed to be there for no apparent reason other than to hinder the workers who already knew what they were doing, and to cause Flora unnecessary stress.  Merryweather held back a small gasp of laughter at the sight, and managed to catch her sister’s eye over the shoulder of a cook frantically trying to set down a hot pot, but not finding anywhere to do so, the tables were so crowded. Flora nodded her way, and turned to instruct her assistant to keep an eye on everyone while she was gone. She then wiped her hands on her rather grimy apron and managed to dodge her way to the door where Merryweather stood waiting for her.

“Where in the kingdom is my name on that list!” The queen shrieked, nearly going off again. “Wolf’s fangs and bat’s wings! Surely he did not leave it off on purpose!” She cried. “The poor unfortunate mortal, somebody must alert him of his wrong, and non too gently either,” the queen began pacing, “Úan!” She called, and the wolf made his appearance. 
“My queen,” he began, bowing, “what is your command?” 
“My brother, the king of that shabby mortal realm, is indeed giving a banquet in honor of his dear little princess’s arrival into the world of the living, yet he has neglected to invite two of the most important guests,” the queen started.
“And who are these guests, my queen?”
“Us, of course!” the queen nearly shouted, “pay attention!”
“Right, and what are you going to do about this great insult?”
“I was getting to that when you interrupted,” the queen reprimanded him, “we are going to show up anyways, and teach that brother of mine a lesson he won’t likely forget,” she cackled gleefully.
“What sort of a lesson?” The wolf inquired.
“I’m still working on the whole of it, but it will include a curse on his daughter, possibly the death of his wife, and a fright for all his esteemed guests,” the queen grinned, her plotting almost complete.
“That is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea,” the wolf began, “but let’s do it anyways and see what happens,” he finished quickly before the angry flicker in the queen’s eyes grew bigger than a spark.

“Maleficent, there was a reason, please leave- now.” William asked nervously.
“But I have yet to see your child. A princess for you, a niece for me, how lovely. Just think of all the possibilities!”
“You are never to touch her, get back!” William almost shouted.
“Oh come now, I’m not as bad as all the books say, really, there is nothing to be afraid of,” she gave a sickly smile. The flames in her eyes brightened.
“Get back, Evil One!” William bellowed.
“So, it is to be NAME CALLING? Oh, so fearsome. You always did have a problem with that when you were a boy,” Maleficent snickered, “but really, we are both grown up now, surely you have something better up your sleeve.”
“GUARDS! Get back, I say!”
“Do you really think that your petty guards and other such nonsense will protect you from me?” She sounded amused now, “I think we can make an agreement, don’t you? Just so.”

Doran couldn’t understand why nobody seemed to like the magic trick that was performed during the baby party. In his four-year-old mind, there was far too much hysteria for such a thing as a lady and wolf coming into the room. The carriage bounced with a sudden jerk, and Doran clutched the seat to keep from falling headlong into his father’s lap.

“It doesn’t matter what they like and don’t like, they don’t get to have a choice in anything.” The queen replied.
“But what if they turn against you? Mortals are known to gather together and fight people they don’t like.”
“Oh come now, when have my calculations ever been wrong?”
“Well, there was that-“
“Be quiet, that was ages ago.”
“And then that other time when-“
“Shut it I say! You’re lowing my self-confidence!”

“I don’t plan on staying in the mortal kingdom, it is far too tiring. Though I don’t plan on spending every moment of my time watching the curtain to make sure they behave.”
“So you want me to keep an eye on the mischievous little tykes, is that it?”
“More or less. You are going to take up residence in the former palace.”
“What? No. No, no, no, NO! I did not sign up for this!”

Well, hope you enjoyed! Are any of y'all doing NaNo this year?


  1. Definitely enjoyed it!! And I can't wait for more!!!

  2. These are awesome, I love the humor and snark!

    1. Thank you very much! Snark is my specialty. :)

  3. These really are great. What's your username on NaNo?

    1. It's Chloe Linn, but since I have no idea ow many other people have the same name as me, here's the link:



  4. Hi there, Chloe!
    I've tagged you for the "12 Days of Thanksgiving" tag.
    Here's the link: http://on-solid-ground-sf.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-12-days-of-thanksgiving.html
    ~ S. F.


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