I'm interrupting your internet browsing with an announcement:

Ok, many of you already know that NaNoWriMo is on the brink of finishing. Some of you may have already finished- I applaud y'all!

As the end draws near, I realize that I will not be able to finish on time. Of course, I plan on continuing the writing process, I even got an idea for a prequel, but I did the math, 41,917 words in three days is a bit overambitious. Some people might be able to make it, but yeah, no. Not me.

There was this thing called life (annoying daily habits, school, events that couldn't be gotten out of, work, family time, etc), and it kept interrupting. In fact, life was too crazy and hectic for NaNo to be a reality for me this year. Hopefully, I'll be able to complete a NaNo in the future, next year if possible.

I wanted to finish, believe me, I did. I don't want this post to sound whiney, so now I'm going to find a few snippets that you haven't read yet.

“Now you’ve gone and ruined the whole look,” he said, running his hands through his tangled black hair, “I look ridiculous!”

“You’ll get used to it. And, while you’re at it, you can also tell them that if they don’t what to be vanquished any time soon, that I expect a large payment of gold every three months. You are to see the taxes to me each time they are given. Now scat!”


“You look as if you’ve seen a ghost!” Aurora exclaimed when her husband banged through the door a moment later.

“A ghost would be a pleasant surprise compared to what I have learned this night,” 


“A merry chase you’ve led me on!” Merryweather exclaimed, “but have you been here all this time?”

“More or less,” Fauna answered, “I was helping Flora clean up, as all the helpers seem to have either fainted, or run away. Then she brewed up a pot of peppermint tea for all of us to enjoy. She figured you’d make it down here eventually.”


“Now, let the gift giving begin!” William roared, “her mother and I have given her the gift known as life, we all know that nothing trumps that, but do not let that discourage you from doing your best!”


“For once, sister, I think I would rather have your job,” Flora said, as soon as she was out of the kitchen, “the king is so excited about this feast he’s throwing, that he wants food prepared double time, so he thinks I need double the amount of workers. Some people never truly understand that math doesn’t always apply in the palace kitchen.”

If any of y'all are still frantically tapping on your keyboards to meet the deadline, you can do it! Don't stop for anything, unless, of course, somebody offers you food, then take a few minute break and eat the food.

I'm sure you'll be able to pull through, and if not, I'm sure you will at least have the makings of a great story that you'll finish someday with flying colors. Have fun, and good luck!


  1. Hello, there! Nice quotes. :D

    I noticed you joined my blog recently- (thank you!)- so I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you this "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award". All you've got to do is answer ten questions, come up with ten more, and then tag ten people to answer your questions!

    If you choose to do it, link back to me when you're done so that I can come and read your answers. :) Thanks!

    1. Ugh... and I forgot to give you the link, too. *Headdesk*

      Here you go! http://writinginrivendell.blogspot.com/2015/11/sisterhood-of-world-bloggers-award.html

    2. Hi!

      Oh, thanks so much! I'll look forward to doing it! :D

      Haha, happens to me too. :)

  2. Those snippets are really good, Chloe! Like, really. Are you going to continue? Oh, duh, you already said you were. Oops. But anyway, I hope we get some more snippets sometime soonish?

  3. Oh, and your winter header is gorgeous. Just sayin'.

    1. Thanks very much! Yup, I'm still tapping away (rather inconsistently though :/ ), you'll probably see some in the next couple of weeks.


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