12 Days of Thanksgiving Tag

In the midst of:

preparing and stressing for our first Speech and Debate Tournament,

freaking out at the fact that there's only a week and a half of NaNoWriMo and I've not even hit 10K words yet,

plotting the prequel of said writing project,

and somehow drinking 21 eight-ounce cups of tea in one day (I usually only drink three, but one time I had 15, so I was trying to break my record and have 18, but then I decided to keep going),

S.F. tagged me for the *racks brain trying to remember* 12 Days of Thanksgiving Tag! Thanks dearie!

The rules:

1. List 12 things that you are grateful for
2. Tag as many bloggers as you want, making sure to tell them of their nomination.

12 things I am grateful for (mostly in order of importance):

1. Our Father in Heaven

2. My family and church family

3. The Speech and Debate community we are involved in

4. The humor of said community

5. A roof over my head, with a nice view attached

6. Tea (though I may not drink it again for a while) :)

7. My cat, Ginger

8. The neighbors who let me ride their horses

9. The schooling my parents pay for

10. The beauty of the earth

11. The lovely blogs I follow

12. The ability to create worlds by simply writing words on paper (or on the computer document)

I tag everyone who drank tea today, or those of you wearing red. Have fun!



  1. oooohhhh.. um. you tagged me. I am wearing a read shirt and a red sweatshirt! :) and.... wow. that's a TON on tea! I had three cups today. :P

    1. and.... oh dear. you're going to have to make paper smoke, or type like lightning to get your story done!

    2. Oo yay! Yeah, I drink tea when I'm stressed, I can't remember the last time I've felt so frazzled. :D

      Yeah, after the tournament we should have more time, especially since there aren't any more competitions we are going to this year, as far as I know. :/

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Great things to be thankful for! That is A LOT of tea! XD It seams when you do a tea tag, that's the day I decide not to have tea! lol! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! <3


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