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When was the last time I posted even? *checks the archives* January first. 

*slaps forehead* Good gravy! I promised to have snippets posted, questions answered, and the last time I did Movie Quotes was in October!

That was not how I planned to start the post, but oh well, this thing has pretty much flown out the window, and there is no bringing it back now.

What a rather awkward situation to be in.

Anyways, if you've been hanging around the family blog (you can find the link in the Sometimes I hang out here page), you've probably been hearing about this new thing we've been doing as a family called "Cize". 

The first routine was fun; lots of moving around and eight energetic dance steps. We all loved it, and even invited a friend over to do it with us. 

The second routine, which we started yesterday, was clearly more advanced. Not everyone had the easiest time catching on, since there wasn't as much repetition as the first one, and there were only two moves from the first routine, and ten new ones to learn. Some of us were still able to have fun with it, but for others it was downright challenging, because if you missed a step, it'd be just about impossible to get back into the beat (trust me, I've tried). Hopefully, it'll be easier the second time around.

On Friday, my friend, Christy, threw a surprise Jane Austen themed birthday party for her sister, Emily's, 19th birthday. It was a blast! 

We arrived early to help finish decorating the house. When Emily walked in the door, she was blindfolded, and everyone else was in the living room trying not to choke, because two seconds before, she had been accidentally led into the doorframe. 

She was so surprised to see everyone! A few of her college friends were there, as well as some other friends, and then Lydia, Christian, and myself. 

After having a light snack-y dinner, and talking for a while, music was turned on, and we were taught how to dance the Virginia reel. 

It was so much fun! Normally, I'm against dancing of any sort, mainly because I convince myself that I'm clumsy and that I've got two left feet (which, in most instances, is true), but, and I have a witness to prove it, I apparently caught on the easiest out of the three of us.

After the Virginia reel, we were taught another dance called posties. I don't know if that's technically the real name, it's just what it was called while we were there. A bit more complex, but a little similar to the reel, and definitely still fun!

We had hitched a ride with a family friend, but she was tired, and wanted to leave after only a couple hours. Originally, it was the plan to ride back with her, but Christy's Dad graciously offered to drive us back if we wanted to stay longer. I check with Mom, and she was ok with it. We were the last to leave, at almost 11pm. 

So ended the birthday party of awesomeness. 

(I'm referencing the family blog again, is that ok?)

If you've read the last few blogposts from the family blog, you would have noticed that we are making friends with/borderline adopting a person named Aron. On Wednesday, he came over for cize, dinner, and desert. He did excellently at cize, and seemed to enjoy it. Dinner was sloppy joes. And desert was a live demonstration of how to make the best brownies in the world. Oh my goodness... SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE! And, we ate them at, like, 9pm, so most of us were up until 1 or 2 in the morning because, sugar highs. 

Also, on Wednesday, Dad and I scheduled my driver's test for the next Wednesday. I'm so happy! I'll be able to take Ava on spontaneous trips to the library!

Anybody noticed that I keep going backwards with the days? I mean, really Chloe, this is a very disorganized post.

That said, I'm going to go back to the events of Saturday, or yesterday. 

Funny story:

For the past few weeks now, we have had a different worship leader than normal, because the one we had, decided that he was done. Now, before I begin, I want everyone to know that the guy substituting is doing an amazing job, considering the circumstances, and that the elders are actively looking for a permanent leader, since this guy has to go back to college soon. Hold on, the funny part's coming.

Ok, this guy has a really, really, really high singing voice. It's a nice voice, just super high-pitched and hard to match. For a while, I just stuck to singing roughly two octaves lower than him, and that was ok, I would just end up sounding like I had no emotion. Yesterday, I tried to sing at his tone. 

It wasn't...
But I did anyways...
At first, I was able to keep it at a normal, if not, slightly higher tone, and was doing just swimmingly, then I realized that he was about to go even higher. Ack! Also, the fact that he was singing all unfamiliar songs was a bit distressing. I stuck to it, strained my vocal cords (I had no idea I could go so high), couldn't get it back down to a normal tone, so I was either off-key low and gravelly, or off-key high and squeaky for the rest of worship, and ended up with a dry mouth and throat for the rest of the service. 

Please don't think I'm complaining about it, it was really funny trying, and failing miserably I might add, to get my voice back to normal mid-verse. XD

Today, Aron can for brunch, and to teach us soccer, and to take Christian to play disc-golf, and to eat dinner with us, and to watch part of Star Wars* with us. 

*Note: we are strangely under-educated in this area. This will be the first time for most of us to watch it. I am so excited, since it was the plan to watch them on new years, except nobody remembered to tell the only one in the family that owned them to bring them, nobody in the neighborhood had them, and amazon didn't have it for rent. Also, it was optional to watch one of them instead of reading "Storm Troopers" for school the last year we did CC. 

Next week we have another speech and debate tournament. This one is three days long, and is in Tyler, therefore, we will be staying at a hotel so we don't have to leave at some absurd hour, like four, in the morning. I'm excited, but since only one other team from our club is going, I'm rather nervous, especially since I won't know hardly anyone, and I don't know the team very well. 

One more thing, before you leave. I'd really appreciate it if you could fill out this survey for me. Thanks!

What? Still here? I suppose you want me to do something with more words, maybe post some snippets, or answer the questions you asked on my inquire if thou pleaseth post, or, surprise you with an unexpected game of Movie Quotes. 

Ehh.... Sorry to disappoint, but I've gotta make kefir biscuits.

So. Question time! 
How was your week? Any plans for the next one? 
Have you ever danced the Virginia reel? 
Do you strain your vocal cords when you try to match the worship leader? 
Anybody never seen Star Wars? 
And, most importantly, do you know what kefir is?


  1. Yay! Glad to see you posting again :)

    My week has been surprisingly stable and relaxed. Not any special plans for next week but I want to go to the mall sometime this month cuz I like to window shop :)




    No I don't think so. I have a wandering mind when someone talks about food XD

    Please watch Star Wars!!! And don't forget to love Han Solo XD! He's so cool...

    Have a nice rest of the weekend!

    1. Window shopping is so fun! You get to see all the pretty things without paying.

      Oh, girl, you must look it up on youtube! It looks complicated at first, but it's super fun! :D

      Strained vocal cords are rather uncomfortable.

      I just saw "A New Hope" about 15 minites ago, the old restored version. I don't plan on watching the new one yet, as I have been strongly advised against seeing it until I've seen the others.

      Kefir is kinda like yogurt, it just has more probiotics, and is easier to make. I forgot to put the baking powder in the dough this time, so they ended up tasting a bit strange, almost like piecrust. Oh well.

      Han Solo is cool, he reminds me of Hook in "Pan", also of Hank from "Dr Quinn".

      You too!

  2. My week was long. And Slow. And hard-to-get-back-in-the-rhythm like. Nothing really exciting for next week.

    Yes! The Virginia Reel is so awesome! I love it.

    Yes. Sometimes. I did most recently when we were Christmas Caroling.. That was somewhat uncomfortable.

    Not seen Star Wars???!! Please m'dear! The thought of such an outrage! ;)

    Umm, some sort of milk/cheese like thing?? I know it's healthy. I don't think I've had it before.

    1. Oh well. But having slow weeks can be really nice, especially if you know that a fast one is coming. :)

      So much fun! It's even more fun the faster you go!

      Yeah, and afterwards you feel like you are about to have a sore throat. :/

      *ducks* I just finished "A New Hope" about fifteen minutes ago, the old restored version, and can't wait to see episodes V and VI!

      Kefir is kind of like yogurt, it just has more probiotics, and is easier to make. I forgot to put the baking powder in the biscuits this time, so they tasted different, almost like pie crust. Kefir is pretty good on granola, just make sure you mix it with something sweet if it's plain kefir, otherwise, you'll have a rather sour surprise. ;)

  3. I LOVE the Virginia Reel! It's my favorite dance. :)

    1. Yes! So upbeat, but easy to keep time to!

  4. my week! you know - BUSY -

    next week? hopefully productive in the manner of School.

    yes. a Million times. nope. but many. and you my dear did EXCELLENT!!! and yes - it's called ''POSTIES JIG''. that's it's real Name.

    actually I have maybe . like once?! usually not because I can sing both very high and pretty low.

    I've seen some. and it's definately not my favorite.

    I know what it is. sadly, can't drink/eat it though. wish I could tho!!


    1. Oh yes, I was in the loop of cominication more than once every day. ;)

      Yeah, school. Hopefully I won't drown in it after tournament week.

      Thanks dearie! Ah, I wondered, thanks for clarifying! :D

      Let me tell you, it is not the most comfortable experience, and afterwards you feel like you're about to get a sore throat. :/

      We just finished watching the one we were supposed to watch first. It's nice, but I can't really base an opinion on it yet, since it was the one that introduced all the rest.

      It's pretty good, but don't eat it plain, or you'll end up with a rather sour tasting bite. I actually forgot to put in the baking powder in the biscuits this time, so they tasted different, almost like pie crust. Behold! I have discovered the new easiest pie crust recipe, also, the most frustratingly sticky and hard to roll out. XD

  5. Well I love questions so....Imma answer them ALL!!!
    My week was good, busy, but good. My plans for the next week are reading, drinking tea, watching the Hobbit, and drinking more tea.
    I have danced the Virginia Reel, and it is a lot of fun.
    Oh, the Strained Vocal Chord fiasco is forever burned in my memory. It was embarrassing.
    I have seen all the Star Wars movies including the latest, and I am an avid fan.
    And I do indeed know what kefir is. *takes deep breath* There. All the questions answered.

    1. Ooo tea and The Hobbit! Sounds like an excellent plan!

      Virginia reel=amazing!

      Yeah, nothing is more embarrassing as accidentally squawking in the middle of a song. :/

      I can't wait to see the rest if the Star Wars movies!

      Good for you! :)

  6. Omg kefir biscuits?!? I MAKE KEFIR. I make water kefir to drink though...I wonder if it's the same thing. xD Ahem, but anyway! This is my first time on your blog and you're hilarious. XD It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and hehe, brownie sugar highs. SO MUCH AWESOME. Also dancing! yay! I'm terrible at it, but it looks really fun. (And by terrible I mean I have no rhythm whatsoever. I best stick to my books. :P)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. We make our kefir with milk, but it's probably the same idea. I didn't know it could be made with water, sounds interesting! :)

      Awe, thanks! :D I love hanging around your blog!

      Sugar highs. Because, why not? It's not everyday Mom lets us have that much chocolate. XD

      Dancing is fun, when you know the song and what you're doing, however, books don't laugh when you miss a step, and are always happy to pull you into an adventure! :)

      Thanks for the comment!


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