Inquire if thou pleaseth

Basically, ask me anything; be it past, present, or future, and I'll endeavor to answer your question.

I'll round up your questions sometime in the next couple of weeks, and will most likely have a post of answers before the new year. Wait, 2016 is less than three weeks away?

Have fun, and ask away!

Disclaimer: Please remember that I hold all rights to not answer your question if it requires that I give out too much personal information I do not wish to tell, and/or if it is about the velocity of a european swallow carrying a coconut.


  1. Yay! Here are the questions I gave Abby and Morgan:

    What is one of the worst movies you've seen?

    Do you have a favorite tea flavor?

    Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your house?

    Where do you best like to read?

    When was the last time a book made you laugh out loud?

    If you could spend one day with any fictional character, whom would it be?

    What is your favorite Christmas movie?

    Do you have a favorite Les Miserables character?
    If you have a bookshelf in your room(if not, then just choose one from somewhere in your house), how many books are on it?

  2. What is your favorite time of year?

    What "myths" about homeschoolers are true about you/your family?


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