I should be asleep right now

Yes, I'm still alive, yes I am fully aware of how long it's been since I've last posted, yes I know that this is being posted at an absurd hour when most sensible people have the blankets pulled up to their noses and are fast asleep. Oh, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

To get y'all up to speed:

Christmas was amazing, though I wasn't as excited as I was last year, and only listened to Christmas music a couple of times, and did not decorate my room.

We celebrated several days before Christmas with Mom's parents, then celebrated with Dad's side on the 23rd. Christmas day I was awakened at 7:30 by the younger three, almost decided to sleep till 8, but quickly realized that that action would be frowned upon. When Lydia and Christian fimally decided to join everyone else down stairs, we opened stockings and one present each. Then we all had breakfast (cinnamon rolls with eggs) before gathering back into the livingroom to open the rest of the gifts one at a time in age order.

The rest of Christmas week was pretty laid back.

Yesterday, and this morning, I suppose, we hung out with Mom's parents, sister, brother in law, and a giy from church who didn't have plans until later in the evening.


You were a lot of fun, you know. I got to learn many new things during your run. I'll be sas that you'll be gone forever. The next couple of months I'll be confusing you with 2016 whenever I write down the date.

I've read more this year than I have in a while.

I've paid more attention to the sunsets and stars.

Nana says that I've been smiling more.

I learned how to fly-fish.

I braved Walmart by myself for two hours without going into hyper-freak-out-ation.

I started a blog.

I got into writing.

I got a job.

I turned 17, which means that this year I'll become an adult *freaks out just a litle bit*.

I stayed awake for over 24 hours.

I rediscovered my love for music.

I joined Speech and Debate.

I drank 21 cups of tea in one day.

I talked more, not much, but more.

I got glasses.

And many more awesome things happened, they just seem to have escaped my memory right now. Maybe they're asleep.

Anyways, I'm going to bed now, good night!


  1. 21 cups in one day??!!?? You are an inspiration to us all. XD

    1. It was no easy feat, I assure you! I was rather stressed that day, but I was also trying to break my past rexord of 15. :D

  2. Happy New Year!!! <3 That is a great list! I hope your new year is full of blessings!

  3. Happy New Year, braving Walmart. I applaud you, I try to avoid any shopping by myself. 21 cups of tea, I think I might have to do that at some point.

  4. Happy New Year, Chloe!! :D

    I need to get a job...

    1. Happy new year!

      Job hunting is hard, it took me the better part of the year to find mine (Chickfila apparently didn't want my time even after I proved how persistant I was by applying to the same chickfila on three different occasions all when they were hiring. :/ ). Hope you have better luck!


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